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exercise exercise exercise

by Bob
(Doylestown, PA)

I had blood pressure of 170/120.

I am 32 and not obese. I was overweight, but I did eat well (very little fast food or processed food.) I was also very sedentary (no exercise or activities.)

I have been on many medications with no real fix. I was put on Lisinopril, and finally decided to do something about it.

I started the p90x system that is on TV all the time.

Took it easy at first so my body could get used to it. I pushed myself to do it everyday (it was very hard but I am used to it now.)

But very quickly I started watching my blood pressure drop like a rock (within a week or two). I am now seeing 118/94 on a regular basis.

I still take my meds to get it down lower, but hopefully will be off of them soon.

My advice is GET UP! and watch what you eat. I am no doctor, but I can say that exercise cured my blood pressure quickly.

You cannot expect a pill to cure you, and you cannot expect results overnight. Keep up with the exercise and eat well. Response:

A word of warning... too much exercise can be very bad for you. So do consult with your physician on your exercise program.

Exercise is such a wonderful thing, it strengthens the muscles of your body.

Whatever movement you engage in as you exercise, strengthens the muscles that you are engaging in that particular movement and your heart muscles becomes so much stronger.

When your heart muscles are
strong your body open up your arteries to allow for the easy flow of nutrients into your tissues.

Here are some additional benefits to exercising:

  • Lowers your blood sugar, thereby protecting you against diabetes.

  • Increases your energy level.

  • Helps you to sleep much better

  • Strengthens your bones.

  • Lowers your bad cholesterol and raises your good cholesterol.

Also, be careful in doing overhead weight lifting... this can increase your high blood pressure numbers.

Here is a secret my doctor shared with me.. he said people with high blood pressure have a post-exercise fall in blood pressure that may last seven to eight hours.

Therefore, he said, I should do daily exercise to have a much more profound effect on my blood pressure than exercising only three to four times a week.

You should start your exercise program slowly and build up over time... no need to rush. This is going to be a lifetime activity.

Evaluate The Strength Of Your Upper And Lower Body

  • Push-ups are a good way to evaluate your upper-body strength.

  • Squats are good way to evaluate your lower-body strength.

Keep track of how many push-ups and squats you are able to do daily. Save these numbers for comparison over a four to six weeks period.

When you see how you have improved over time these comparison will keep you motivated in your exercise program.

Remember to ask your doctor to assist you in mapping out an exercise program that will strengthen your heart and prevent high blood pressure and if you already have high blood pressure also discuss your plan with your physician.

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