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Drinks And Diet For Lowering High Blood Pressure

by Hanna
(Port St Lucia, Florida)

Berry Juice

Berry Juice

By making little changes to your lifestyle and food consumption it is possible to reverse high blood pressure. New research and practices have shown remarkable improvements in thousands of individual lives.

All you need is to know your disease and adopt natural ways of treating it.

Drinks That Can Cause High Blood Pressure

A new study shows that fizzy drinks and soda are one of the major reasons behind high blood pressure. Individuals with fewer intakes of fizzy drinks and soda in their diet have apparently lower blood pressure.

Consumption of overly sweetened fruit drinks and beverages containing large amount of sodium can also be a huge reason behind high blood pressure.

Research has shown that sugared beverages that contain high amount of artificial fructose - a natural element present in fruits and vegetables in small quantities - can increase your blood pressure.

It is recommended to gradually decrease your intake quantity of such drinks. The best way to do that is to grow your own fruits and make natural drinks from vegetables and fruits picked from your very own backyard.

Drinks That Help You In Your Fight

Water is amazing for regulating level of blood pressure in adults.

Drink plenty of water every day.

About two to three liters of warm water in the Winter and relatively cold water in the summer will make a huge positive change in your blood pressure problem.

Green tea is another
proven weapon against high blood pressure and one of the best ways to live healthy.

These little leaves containing Theanine have countless cures hidden in them. They help to burn fat, improve insulin metabolism, help fight against heart troubles like contraction in arteries, can reduce cholesterol level in your body and so much more.

Drinkng ten to twenty ounces of green tea daily will make you feel a lot better and you will see marvelous changes in your blood pressure levels.

Add Some New Flavors To Your Diet

Eat Java plum daily and see the change yourself. Unsweetened Java Plum drinks are also of great help.

One of the most recommended diets for reversing blood pressure funnel seeds. You can chew a big pinch of fennel seeds or add them to green tea; it tastes very good and is best for heart and blood pressure issues.

Also include guava fruit and its drink in your daily routine.

Blueberries are a proven aid as well; use them in salads, drinks or you can enjoy them in blueberry oat cakes an unsweetened delights.

A Little Change Can Make A Big Difference

When you decide to change your eating and living habits, you will see positive results against high blood pressure in only a matter of a few weeks or less.

Your secret to a healthy life with controlled blood pressure is to live and eat healthy and enjoy life with zeal.

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