Diabetes: Get Out Your Tape Measure!

Why are so many people developing diabetes, especially those of African heritage? I know genes do play a role, but when you don't exercise, and are on the obesity scale, the greater is your risk factor.

African heritage group. https://www.info-on-high-blood-pressure.com/diabetes.html

Excess weight is the number one reason adults and kids are at such a high risk for this disease, and; there are many dangers to you when taking high blood pressure medications.

If you’re not part of the ‘diabetes epidemic’ kudos to you. But if you are in that category, you now have the opportunity to make the necessary changes to reduce your risk.

How You Develop Insulin Resistance

Most times when you gain weight the excess fat goes on around your internal organs at your midsection. Your stress hormones can send extra fat straight to your belly. 

These hormones that's part of this dangerous abdominal fat, sends out chemical signals throughout your body, desensitizing the cells increasing your body’s insulin resistance. These are the hormones that persuades the cells within your body to absorb blood sugar.

Insulin resistance is your first step on the path to type 2 diabetes.

The good news is you can lower your risk of developing this disease. Let me show you how:

  • If you weigh say 170 pounds and you lose 10.5 pounds you will have lowered your risk by 58 percent.
  • So you see that losing weight works better than any insulin-sensitizing diabetes drugs at cutting your odds of diabetes.

Having to stick your fingers daily or wear a monitor so you can easily check your blood sugar levels might be a bit taxing in your daily activities.

So how about joining a program that helps your insulin levels, your body weight and blood pressure a chance to be normal?

Get Out Your Tape Measure

Here's how you know when you have beaten your diabetic odds:

Weight scale and tape measurement. https://www.info-on-high-blood-pressure.com/diabetes.html
  • For women when your waist measurement is 35 inches or less.
  • For men when your midsections measure 40 inches or less.

If both women and men measurements are more than what’s listed above, you are more likely to have fat deep within your abdomen. This fat alone can triple your risk factor.

Though some slim individuals with measurements that more than meet the required guidelines, might think they are okay. I am here to say don’t think for a moment because your weight and waist circumference are within the guidelines that's enough.

This is where exercising becomes your safety mechanisms.

How I Beat The Odds Of Diabetes

I remember my doctor telling me after every 6 months blood test that I was borderline diabetic. I was surprised by that statement because I exercised regularly, ate raw greens, or sauté vegetables every day. 

Three times a week I have a smoothie that replaces one meal. That smoothie always has in either one or two of these vegetables - spinach, parsley, celery, so I considered myself real healthy.


So I decided to reread my blood pressure prescription pharmacy notes and you know whats listed as a side effect…. diabetes. Imagine my medication was creating this disease potential.

And I am only taking this medication at its lowest dosage as a protection. My cardiologist insisted I do this because of my age.

After doing what is part of my online nutrition program, my doctor no longer issues those warnings to me.

I was lucky in that I lost more than 7 percent of my body weight and had also reduced my risk factor more than the stated 58% in developing type 2 diabetes.

Your Preventative Treatment Of Diabetes

You too can easily drop excess waistline weight with my online treatment plan.

Included in this program are low-glycemic foods that have only a minimal or moderate effect on your blood sugar. When you include more of these foods into your daily diet you are less likely to develop insulin resistance.

Also low-glycemic foods and snacks are rich in fiber, protein or fat. Your body need some fat, and these are good fats, the unsaturated kind.

Apple, broccoli green juice. https://www.info-on-high-blood-pressure.com/diabetes.html

You can enjoy baby carrots dipped in low-fat sour cream, apples, air-popped popcorn and even a hard-boiled egg. So you see you’ll not be depriving yourself in any way.


Weight loss worked better than drug therapy at cutting down your odds of becoming diabetic. Plus, your diet changes may have your doctor suggesting a different medication that doesn’t have the potential of exposing you to the odds of diabetes or being completely taken off your medication.

The possibilities are endless to what you’ll be able to accomplish with this program. Join today and be part of my group class starting April 26th and also my Overcoming HBP Facebook support group.

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