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Best Blood Pressure Monitors:
How To Buy

The best blood pressure monitors provide you with accurate readings. Easily, this is one of the most important things to look for.  When you have high blood pressure, tracking the small changes in your blood pressure will be important, especially over the long term.

I have this monitor and I love it.  The numbers are bright, its easy to use and its accurate.  After two years of usage it is still accurate. 

Here are the five things I look for and you should also, for when you are buying a blood pressure monitor:

  1. Accuracy is top. Your measurements must be close if not the same as your Doctor's aneroid monitor.

  2. Computer compatibility. You can download and print out your measurements and take with you to your Cardiologist.

  3. Recording keeping data. Has 2 persons, A and B, with 200 total measurement memory with date and time stamp storage.

  4. Price. Very cost effective and the actual price is low, especially with the amount of features that are included.

  5. Cuff. You have to have the correct fit for your arm for you to get an accurate reading. Omrom ComFit Cuff are ideal.

Take the time to pinpoint the accuracy level of the monitor by reviewing several products on the market. You can also take the monitor with you to a doctor's appointment and compare the readings of your doctor to the readings you get from the monitor.

There are two main types of BP monitors, aneroid and digital; and their accuracies are based on how they work, and where placed on the body.

With an aneroid unit, you are using the same type that is at your doctor's office. This is a good choice for several reasons. Doctors recommend using it whenever you want the most accurate readings.  On the other hand, the aneroid do rely on you listening to your heartbeat and calculating the blood pressure on your own. That can be difficult.

In addition to this, you may want to consider the testing site of the monitor.  Some blood pressure monitors work on the wrist while others work on the upper arm.  Doctors often warn that those that are placed on the wrist may not get an accurate reading due to the construction of the veins in your arm. Yet, many prefer this method for ease of use.

Another option is a finger blood pressure monitor. These too do not provide the very best results and they are extremely expensive.

From my own experience Omron 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Cuff that fits Standard and Large Arms (BP785N) is one of the best blood pressure monitor you can buy.

It is noted for its many features, such as the calibration check system that is makes for accuracy, irregular heartbeat detector, its comfort cuff fit, memory storage and its advance averaging of your blood pressure readings.

Tips On The Best Blood Pressure Monitors Selection

The following are a few tips to help you to select the right monitor:

  1. Be sure that the cuff fits. Larger sizes are available.

  2. Read the instructions on how to use it. Some require you to sit straight and supported for the best results.

  3. Determine if the monitor offers any type of log or printout that you can use to track your blood pressure readings over time.

  4. Compare brands. Find the product offering the best resource for the least investment.

  5. A higher cost and more features are not always good indications of the best product on the market.

Buy Trusted Products

The best blood pressure monitors on the market are designed to last and they have a long history of use

Newer monitors are always being introduced to the marketplace. So I went ahead and invested my time to doing the research for you so that I can highly recommend the blood pressure monitors that are listed here.

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