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Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors

Wrist blood pressure monitors are a cuff like device that you attached to your wrist, press a button and your blood pressure readings are displayed.  Blood pressure self-monitoring is easy, accurate, economical and very convenient.

Wrist blood pressure monitor.

Furthermore, keeping track of your own measurements is an excellent way to stay motivated in reversing your hypertension.

Normally blood pressure readings tends to be lowest upon just waking, then it rises somewhat as your activity begins, with spikes possible after your meals, your coffee breaks or after any stressful situation that you may experience.

I recommend that you use your blood pressure monitor to get your blood pressure numbers at the same time every day.

With the use of a button, you can take your readings and the cuff for this type of monitor do not inflate.  The most common types are the Aneroid monitors, which include a cuff and a gauge with a dial and cost less than $30.00.

Benefits And Disadvantages Of The Wrist Monitoring Device

  • These devices are easily portable and inexpensive and can be conveniently used to help you keep a record of your numbers. The disadvantages of these devices are that they are fragile and may break easily.

  • Wrist monitors are easy to use, but has to be used the same way every time to get an accurate reading.

How To Take Your Measurements

Before taking your measurement you should be completely relaxed, both mentally and physically.  All your muscles should be as relaxed as possible and you should not be talking.

Try to be in a warm, quiet room, seated in a comfortable chair beside a table, and take two deep breath before starting.

Using Your Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors

You should carefully read all the instruction provided in the kit.  Most blood pressure monitors are similar, and for consistency, check your pressure at the same time daily.

I suggest you do not take your medication just before taking your blood pressure reading as the readings may not be your true blood pressure numbers.

Considering that there are all kinds of cuffs, make sure the blood pressure monitor you have is not too big or too small for your wrist/arm. Also it is important to make sure you are getting the same readings as your doctor.  From time to time you should check the accuracy against your doctor's mercury type.

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