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Blood Type O Diet Plan Has Beneficial Effects

Blood Type O Diet Plan means you are a meat eater with a hardy digestive tract, very tolerant to dietary and environmental changes. This is my blood type! Imagine how great I felt to discover that my blood type carries a genetic memory of strength, daring, intuition and great optimism.

As the oldest blood type, I am, you are, a survivor with a strong sense of self-preservation... we believe in ourselves.

And because of our blood type we are less likely to be infected by COVID-19.. The challenge to everyone is our blood type is inherited and not something we can change.

Blood Type O are known as meat eaters with a hardy digestive tract, very tolerant to dietary and environmental changes, responds to stress through vigorous and intense physical activity. Your systems are literally suited for this type of activity to release any built-up stress.

But requires an efficient metabolism to stay lean and energetic.

As I mentioned before I am also Type "O" and do enjoy very physical exercises. After exercising my endorphins kicks in and I do feel great. It is a great way to lift one’s spirit and energy. Also, there are lots of similarities here with what I love to eat and of course my personality.

Before starting any changes to your diet of exercise program please discuss with your doctor and have him or her participate in the improvement of your health plan.

Blood Type O Diet Plan Starts Here

Foods To Avoid

Dr. D'Adamo's book on Eat Right 4 Your Type (Revised and Updated): The Individualized Blood Type Diet® Solution is an excellent read and it list the foods to avoid.

For me I focus on the foods that are most beneficial to eat for my blood type, that encourages weight loss such as kelp, seafood, liver, red meat, and vegetables like kale, spinach, broccoli - to name a few.

Even though Type O are meat eaters you must balance your meat proteins with the appropriate vegetables and fruits to avoid over-acidification which can cause ulcers.

This Type O Diet plan book has recipes as well as sample menus that will give you an idea on what you can have, or as I like to think, most beneficial to my body, to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and also snacks.

Vitamins Supplements To Avoid

  • Vitamin A supplements derived from fish oils can enhance blood thinning. This I can attest to. Taking fish oil landed me in the emergency room of a hospital with nosebleeds. Now I eat my vitamin A only from my diet.

  • Vitamin E supplements might complicate the tendencies toward slower blood clotting. Instead use your foods like leafy green vegetables, nuts and liver, to fill this dietary need.

Exercise Guidelines For A Blood Type O Diet Plan

These exercises are most beneficial for you and should be practiced at least three times per week:

Swimming exercise.
  • Isometric Exercises in which stress is created in stationary muscles, and isotonic exercises such as calisthenics, running or swimming creating muscle tension through a range of movements. I can attest to swimming being a total body workout. These exercises should be for a 40 to 60 minutes duration.

  • Aerobic Exercise to achieve maximum cardiovascular benefits you must elevate your heartbeat to approximately 70 percent of your maximum heart rate. Once achieved maintain that heart rate approximate for thirty minutes.

"You are what you eat" can be an ominous meaning here with the consumption of too much animal protein because of its saturated fats. But in today's world there are so many choices. Like organic and free-range meats.

So your success is pretty much assured with your use of lean, chemical-free meats, fish and poultry.

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