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Bilingual Talking Blood Pressure Monitor - Your Choice

The talking blood pressure monitor is one of a kind monitor that has helped many senior citizens to monitor and maintain their blood pressure. Its irregular heartbeat detection, an easy-to-understand icon provides a visual cue if an irregular heartbeat is detected with memory storage with date and time stamps.

This is an all in one blood pressure monitor. There are different types of bilingual blood pressure devices that will definitely catch your eyes, but the better they are the more expensive.

This relatively new invention is amazing, you can now choose one that is bilingual and affordable.

HealthSmart Premium Blood Pressure Monitor Bilingual Talking 

If you have problems reading the results off your blood pressure monitors then a HealthSmart is a good purchase.

While other manufacturers of the other brands thought that all who had blood pressure had to be English speaking, they took a step forward and proved them wrong by introducing a bilingual monitor that you can buy.

HealthSmart Premium Talking Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, Bilingual, Two-User Memory, Blue

HealthSmart Features

  • Irregular heartbeat detection and WHO indicator. Gives a visual cue if an irregular heartbeat is detected while in use. This makes it easy for you to see if there is a potential of arrhythmia.

  • Talking bilingual monitor speaks in English and Spanish and is also perfect for the hearing impaired. It will easily guide you through the taking of your blood pressure. Or if you prefer to do it on your own you can turn off the voice system.

  • 120 Reading Memory Storage. 60 each for two people.

  • Included in package are Carrying case and two AAA batteries.

  • HealthSmart 04-895-001 Premium Talking Wrist Digital blood pressure monitor is backed by a limited five-year manufacturer's warranty

Talking Blood Pressure Monitor Product Details

Shipped and sold by Amazon and is rated as premium wrist monitor with bilingual voice prompts. The volume can be adjusted for privacy during your readings. 

With this monitor you can check your irregular heartbeat there is a detection that lets you know if you have an abnormal reading.

So if your physician wants to see how well you've been doing just click into your monitor's memory bank that shows date and time of each reading.

This is a great buy, with the new technology that is available giving you the choice to choose bilingual or not. Also, you can check with your doctor on the best talking blood pressure monitor.

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