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Swimming Exercises For Blood Pressure Control

Think of fun swimming exercises that includes being completely immersed in the earth’s essential minerals giving you hopes of healing, lowering your high blood pressure, quiets the mind and restoring your soul.

If you love swimming in your area's rivers or in the ocean, then think of swimming as a mystery and a way to checkout some great artifacts hidden only a few feet from the surface. You might see all manner of aquatic life - striped bass, sunfish, silver eels, yellow perch, subaquatic plants, and reefs resting below.

Monitor your blood pressure before you go swimming and a hour after you have had a swim. This will give you an instant insight of whether your blood pressure is going down or staying the same.  You should have proven indication on how effective exercises to lower blood pressure is for your body.

The Benefits Of Swimming Exercises

The benefits of your body’s full immersion are that your heart rate slows, the blood flow to your brain increases, the buoyance reduces the stress on your muscles at once.


The curative power of water is amazing.  Swimming is a great workout for your arms, legs and core muscles. But it also improves your heart and pulmonary health. It is such an exciting and at the same time relaxing way to help you enjoy life and live longer.

Know that floating in water is sometimes used as therapy treatment for anxiety, to decrease pain and stress levels. With this type of isolation therapy of floating in water without interruption or any sensory stimuli do wonders to your mind, body and soul.

If your blood pressure is consistently below 130/80 mmHg, then these swimming workouts has worked well for you.

What Swimming Workouts Do For Me

I love the feel of the sea waves on my skin, the tug, the caress of the water - it is like the current of life just being washed away.  Just looking at the unimaginable beauty below the surface of the sea, its warmth, is so relaxing.

Of course it is also fun to do these swimming exercises in your backyard pool, at your local gym or YMCA.  I know at the YMCA you are taught to enjoy the water in a safe and fun environment. There you learn how swimming is so effective in developing your spirit, mind and body.

Researchers On Swimming Fitness

Researchers states that floating helps increase your sleep quality, relieve your anxiety and depression. They further states that just floating for forty-five minutes for as little as two weeks, you will notice significant results in the reduction of your stress levels, sleep and anxiety.

All these issues are linked to high blood pressure, so if you love swimming do include it at least part of the time. Just layout on top of the water and renew.

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