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Build Strong Bones And Improve Your Strength At Any Age

Among the numerous benefits of strong bones and muscles are an increase in metabolism. This lowers your blood pressure, makes it possible for you to live alone in your home longer and at the same time help you lose weight and keep fit. Its possible to have healthy bones at every age. I'll list must do moves to maintain and also some strength tests you can take at home below.

Bones connect and in turn its all connected to your strength, flexibility and mobility. Since we build bone tissue throughout our lives, starting at an early age to build a solid bone framework is very important. So lets find out how critical your diet is for bone growth and also good for the control of high blood pressure.  

Read more on how calcium works on controlling blood pressure.

  • Calcium: Your diet should be your main source because the body absorbs it better from food. Women need 1,000 mg daily until menopause, then 1,200. Men need 1,000 mg until age 71, then 1,200 to build strong bones.

  • Vitamin D: This vitamin helps in the body's absorption of calcium. Daily recommended amount varies among individuals. I love the natural kind that is produced when your body is exposed to sunlight. I know about the damage the sun can cause and that sunscreen do block this production from happening. But use your judgement and remember once outside the sun rays do find a way in.

  • Bone And Strength Building Workouts: Do at least 45 minutes of exercise at least three days a week. Go for more if you can - I aim for five days a week. Do weight bearing, muscle strengthening and balance building exercises. All these workouts are found in walking, dancing, squats, lunges, yoga, and tai chi, respectively. These are just my choices there are lots of other forms of workouts that accomplish bone and strength building.

Remember all these exercises give you independence as you age. It allows you to move freely and feel strong. Live alone if you have to. You are confident and are less likely to fall because of your balanced posture, clarity of mind and flexibility of movement.

Its a good thing to have strong bones.

Bone Building Nutrients

Beans soup, Soup

Include vitamins C and K, magnesium and potassium found in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that will help in the absorption of calcium and build bone mass.

Protein in general build muscle that protects the bones, but too much of a good thing can also harm your bones. So check with your physician on the amount best for you. But this source can be found in fish, chicken or lean beef. Beans, nuts and eggs are also a good source for protein.

Next let's talk about your muscles. Yay!!

More Muscle Increases Your Metabolism

I am a woman so I have taken the time to learn about my body, but I do have information and links for the men also. So lets talk.

Muscles make up around thirty percent of a woman's body mass and the more muscle we have the more calories we burn. Also around seventy percent of our muscles are composed of water.

We all, both men and women, build bone tissue throughout our lives. Around the age of thirty we reach peak bone mass. Eating healthy and exercising in your 20s is crucial to help build as much bone mass as possible.

So here are some must do moves to build strong bones at every age starting in your 20s. And, with starting any type of exercise program or strength training test always consult first with your physician. You need their guidance.

Build Strong Bones At Every Age

Caring for your bones and having strong bones will help you to avoid aches and breaks later on.

Weight Lifting Woman,

In Your 20s:

Consuming protein, calcium, vitamin D and magnesium is essential to your bones because you are still forming bone tissues. So fill up on fatty fish, lean proteins, whole grains, nuts and a variety of veggies.

In Your 30s:

Do regular weight bearing and resistance exercising workout. It helps in maintaining or might even increase your bone density.

In Your 40s:

For women menopause nears so keep up with your strength workouts and cut back on sodium to combat bone loss.  Postmenopausal women with high salt diets may lose more bone minerals than those who eat less salt.


Five to seven years after menopause, the elderly, especially women can rapidly lose bone density, so its time to up the intake of bone preserving nutrients. Discuss with your physician about your daily dosage of calcium, and vitamin D.

Strength Training And Test

Building muscle revs up your metabolism so try alternating your cardio workouts with resistance training. This will help you build lean muscle and the more lean body mass you have the higher your metabolism.

As you gain muscle your rate of fat loss will be greater. So do at least two strength workouts a week.

So I am going to share with you the muscle strength test that my personal trainer had me do. I want to have good bone density and continue to have strong bones. 

The Push-Up Test For Upper Body Strength

This test is for your chest, shoulders, the front and back of your upper arms and your abdominals.

Lie face down on the floor with your hands and toes bearing your weight. Hands should be slightly wider than your shoulder width apart. Elbows and legs must be straight and your core tight and tighten your buttocks.

Do as many push-ups as possible and the chart will tell you your score.

Check your score, mine was average, I am working on improving it.

The Plank Test - Core Strength

Having a strong core is very important, this help with keeping you from not falling and help shrink your waistline.

Strong Bones at any age.

Lie face down bearing your weight on your forearms. Lift your body until the only places touching the floor are your hands or forearms and toes. Your elbows should be under your shoulder and your legs straight out behind you.

Hold the position for as long as you can. If you hold your core for more than 1 minute your core is strong.

See how you stack up.

The Chair To Stand - Testing For Lower Body Strength

You need a timer or can look at a clock for this test to note start and finish time.

Sit upright in an armless chair with your feet flat on the floor and your arms crossed in front of your chest. Without using your arms stand-up and then immediately sit back down. Repeat this ten times in a row as quick as you safely can and check your score.

If you were not able to complete the ten sit and stand exercise in a row without using your arms, this means your lower body may have lost a significant amount of strength.

I once read if you are not able to stand and walk you lose five years of your lifespan. So today get started on building strong bones.

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