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Reflexology That Lowers High Blood Pressure

Reflexology stimulates the reflex points and areas in the feet, ears or even to the hands that correspond to an organ, gland and parts of the body. It relaxes the body, mind and spirit, improves circulation and also helps in the normalization of bodily functions.  The aim here is to treat the symptoms of high blood pressure and to care for the heart and kidney so that they remain healthy.

Ear Reflexology Chart,

Massaging these points helps in enabling calmness, and joy. Some individuals have stated that their energy increased, help to balance their body's nerve functioning and has strengthen their bodies. Your magical fingertips open these gates to positive transformation, and the enjoyment of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The foot reflex trigger points are a complex of interconnecting nerves and when pressure is applied to these zones it stimulates the organ with which it is associated.

You can practice your own foot reflexes where you can probe and palpate in self-help therapy.  Or take a step further and book an appointment at a reflexology center, to be on your way to a better health.

Over time our feet age, may even widen.  There also might be complication of medical conditions such as poor circulation, diabetes and obesity.  Major organ systems change in certain ways as a natural consequence of aging.

For a cardiovascular system, the heart size increases slightly as muscle cells are replaced by scar tissue, leading to a slight decrease in efficiency in heart function.

We all age according to our own timetable and these can be dramatically different from person to person.  But despite the toll that aging takes on the body we can slow the process by taking several preventive steps in lowering high blood pressure.

Applying reflexology techniques to the reflex zones that correspond to the heart, kidney and other areas of the body is to stimulate the healing and energizing powers within.

Foot and hand reflex zones are not indicated as acupuncture points, but are represented on the charts as reflex zones.

Reflex Zones Of The Human Hand

Reflex Zones Of The Hand,

According to the theory of reflexology the points indicated on the charts relate to internal organs, structures and their functions. Gently but firmly massaging the hand is also a great way to maintain health within these organs.

It is good that there are hand reflex points, that way we can manipulate them when we are out and about, especially if we are feeling a little off.

The Human Foot

The human foot is a marvel on how it carries loads of weight. It provides stability, yet it must also be flexible enough to traverse over uneven surfaces.  Must be strong enough to propel the body forward with every stride, and at the same time absorb the impact of each step.

Our feet has twenty-six bones, more than one hundred ligaments, nineteen muscles, not including the twelve leg muscles thats connect to the rest of our body.

Reflexes are shown all over the feet - on the soles, upper foot, toes and ankles.

Each of the areas shown on the feet plays a role and are activators for your better health.  The right foot corresponds to the right side of the body and the left foot to the left side of the body.

If you have hypertension a reflexologist is most likely to work on the areas linked to your heart, chest, thyroid, and kidney reflexes.

You or your reflexologist would massage the feet using a firm thumb and finger pressure.  Applying pressure to the appropriate reflex points.

This stimulates the nerve endings that flows from your feet to your brain and then to the relevant part of your body.  

Be prepared that while massaging your feet or hand you might come across an area that is unusually tender or sore.  Make a note of which bodily organ this point is related to because it is possible to diagnose a health problem you are not yet aware of.

But for hypertension you should concentrate on your heart reflex.  It is said that massaging the heart reflex on your left foot strengthen and regulate your heart.  And when you concentrate on massaging the diaphragm line it helps to deepen your breathing and brings more oxygen into your body.

Reflexology Procedure For Hypertension

You should first consult with a reflexologist for an individually tailored treatment that shows you how to take care of your heart reflexes.  Its all about showing some love and care to all your organs.

This is a do-it-for-yourself reflexology treatment you can do on your own feet that helps in the control and lowering of high blood pressure. Massage each area for no more than seven seconds, do not over stimulate, you can always repeat.  Now get familiar with the foot chart and sit comfortably and bring up your left foot onto your right thigh.

Human Foot Reflex Zones,
  • Using your thumb, gently but firmly massage the heart and lung reflexes. You'll find it between the diaphragm line and the base of your toes. This area is bigger on the left foot than on the right due to the left ventricle having thicker walls than the right ventricle. Massage for seven seconds.

  • Massage across the diaphragm line for seven seconds.

  • Massage along the spinal reflex which runs along the inner edge of each foot from the top of the big toe to the side of the heel. This is to support your nervous system.

  • Then finally massage inside the arch of your foot. Your left kidney and adrenal glands are located there. Massaging your kidney areas helps to flush out excess fluid from the body.

  • Now repeat the same set of massages on your right foot.

My Own Foot Reflex Therapy

I also have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and have had lots of adverse reactions to my medications so I am big on alternative treatments. Even though my blood pressure is within the normal guidelines, still I do take a very low dosage of blood pressure medication. The fact is blood pressure spikes from time to time and I don't want to suffer a stroke.  I value my independence.

My blood pressure being under control is due in part to my alternative treatments and lifestyle changes.  Foot and leg massages are part of my body's upkeep.  I find lots of tender spots and I know because of my self-help reflexology I continuously has helped my body to heal itself.

When I massage my reflex zones I use essential oils that acts like a diuretic and are a good blood pressure complement. So I drop a couple of aroma and ylang ylang essential oils for a smooth massage.

After doing these massages, especially the foot bottom areas, I feel as relaxed and good almost as after completed a good workout. I do reap a positive effect on my blood pressure and also on my health.

So I urge you to do this self reflexology and reap its many benefits.

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