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Eat A Plant Based Diet And End Heart Disease

Make the transition to a plant based diet.  Food is the most powerful drug on the planet, and it is cheaper than any currently available treatments to prevent or reverse this silent killer, high blood pressure. True protection from heart disease can be reached only when you achieve favorable blood pressure and cholesterol levels, without drugs.

Green beans and chickpeas.

The emphasis on curing high blood pressure through nutritional excellence is not "alternative medicine," nor is it integrative medicine.  Emphasizing nutritional excellence is progressive medicine; it is correct medicine, according to Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

Heart disease is the biggest killer around the world, and it is almost 100 percent preventable and is even reversible. Excluded from this reversibility of heart disease are individuals who have advanced valve damage, a genetic defect, or electrical pathway disease.

Joel Fuhrman, M.D., a boardcertified physician has written a proven and clear path on how you can lower cholesterol and blood pressure, reduce your weight, heals obstructive coronary artery disease and achieve all this without having to do surgery.

The effectiveness of this heart protecting nutritious program promises to obliterate the need for angioplasty and bypass surgery.

Once you get started you will radically lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  This I know for a fact because recently my cardiologist wanted to prescribe me Statins because my cholesterol levels were very high.

Because I am student of this high blood pressure diet, I was able, a second time, to escape the taking of these drugs.

Dr. Fuhrman's book 'The End of Heart Disease'  the eat to live plan to prevent and reverse heart disease, explain all the side effects of conventional medical approaches and evaluates the most effective diets that promotes heart health.

Outlined is a solid scientific path on treating high blood pressure with nutrition.  With this information available to you today it is my hope that you will follow this nutritional path to achieve a more vibrant and longer life.

When you cut back on meat and dairy you are well on your way to achieving better health and even dropping a few extra pounds. 

Things That Could Make It Better To Reverse Heart Disease

To protect against heart disease and strokes eat more vegetables. Proven fact is vegetables repair, restore and heal the body. Below Dr. Fuhrman offers some Pros and Cons of Heart Disease - Reversing Diets and I quote:

Dr. Dean Ornish Dietary Approach:

Assets:  Not just a diet program, but also uses meditation, exercise, and support groups to enhance compliance and perhaps efficacy.  It has many years of proven efficacy and significant support from both medical authorities and medical insurance companies.

What Could Make It Better:  A reduction in the permitted amount of nonfat dairy and egg whites and switching those calories for at least 1 ounce of walnuts, chia seed, flaxseeds, or hemp seeds.  More caution may be indicated regarding the amount of supplemental DHA-EPA advised.

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Dietary Approach:

Assets:  The fact that it is totally vegan (and oil-free) likely offers additional benefits, and it is pure in its simplicity.  Compliance and efficacy are enhanced when people have clear limits that are not ambiguous.

What Could Make It Better:  It needs a classification of high-carbohydrate plant foods based on glycemic effect and nutrient content to direct participants to the healthiest plant choices.  It may be considerably safer if 1 ounce of walnuts and a low-dose DHA-EPA supplement were added.

Eat To Live Using A Plant Based Diet

Know that your food can heal you as well as kill you.  It is all dependent on the choices you make in what you eat.

It is not easy to quit eating your favorite meats cold turkey, but no matter what kind of dietary change you will be making, the key is to find a plant based diet that is sustainable.

Remember to transition slowly.  This gives your body and palate time to get used to the new option and keeps you from feeling restricted and dissatisfied.

Also remember that whenever you decided to start this dietary program to ask your physician for his supervision.  You will have to monitor your blood pressure and blood sugar levels carefully over the first couple weeks of this dietary modifications.

And, as you transit into this diet your medication might need some adjustment because the overuse or strong dosage of blood pressure medication can damage your kidneys.

Plant Based Diet Recipes And High Blood Pressure

I use the word diet throughout this page but when you receive the recipes within How to overcome high blood pressure online program, you'll realize the word diet really do not apply.

Eating salads have become a big thing for me.  This nutritional program has you signing an agreement and placing it on your fridge that says:


Trust me this is doable. There are delicious salads out there and they are filling. It is an easy way to take the edge of hunger at any time.

The plant based diet program further instruct you to choose four main dishes you enjoy, three salad dressings your prefer - most times I don't use any salad dressings; and three soups that are your favorites.

Over time you'll realize why you have to cut back on your medication because your food is full of minerals, and potassium, magnesium and calcium is a big part of controlling your high blood pressure.

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