Pilates Exercise To Lower Blood Pressure And Achieve Total Well-Being

Pilates is a method also known as Contrology, is an innovative system of physical and mental conditioning that can affect society in a positive way.  Achieving good health means the whole human body - body, mind and spirit - must be conditioned.  It is a holistic approach to well-being - a path to total health.

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The mind and the body share a nourishing, symbiotic relationship that can produce profound results. This mind-body relationship is at its heart.

One of the greatest aspect of this system that I love is the breathing exercises that is essential in lowering high blood pressure and relieving stress. Breathing oxygenates the blood - nourishing on a cellular level, expels toxins from the body, calms the mind, improves circulation, provides a rhythm for movement, and assist in the losing of body weight.

One of Joseph Hubertus Pilates' quotes was "Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness", developed this system of physical and mental conditioning and by incorporating these postures into your exercise program, it will help you to lower your high blood pressure.

There are a number of Pilates equipments to chose from that will help your body in its alignment, poster and movements.  With the practice of this system your stabilization will be developed, your posture refined, movements are improved, the re-education of your muscle with the ultimate goal of this exercise program is to improve every facet of your life.

Exercising makes you feel good, and healthy, you function better, you are less stressed and your life seems more complete with you in control. Thereby lowering your high blood pressure.

The saying - a healthy mind guides a healthy body - applies here.

These Pilates exercise video series will lower your high blood pressure, but also sculpt your total body. If you are pressed for time to complete all five sections of this total body exercise of fifty minutes at one time, for ease of convenience, they are broken up into ten minutes of body workout.

With continuous practice you will notice your lean toned legs and beautifully firmed buns.

You will notice when you are wearing your off the shoulder clothing how sexy your shoulder looks, with your sculpted arms and our male species will notice how their shirt and jacket fits even better.

Even though it is only for ten minutes you'll get a very good workout.

Purchase this Pilates for Beginners: Core Pilates Exercises and Easy Sequences to Practice at Home today. Start feeling and seeing excellent results.

Pilates exercises not only offers a bridge between mind and body, between rehabilitation and healthy movement but when used to its full potential can enhanced every aspect of your life, even your sex life.

Toning Ring

I have great legs because of this toning ring.  It adds to your exercise poses and is used to keep your body or a certain body part in alignment or in a desired position.

It fits between your arms, legs or above your head. When you use it between your legs it engages your abductor and heighten your level of coordination. 

It is super-lite, sturdy and offer a good resistance. This popular Pilates ring works your inner-thigh, your abductors, hamstrings, abdominal, back extensors and your arms.  A great piece of equipment.

Enhance Your Mind And Body With Pilates Exercise

With practically everyone experiencing some form of stress, there is a moving away from this fitness exercising approach of "No pain, no gain or Work till you drop". Now it is a more mind and body focus, calmer and introspective integrated system of exercising and movements.

Scientific studies now states that the brain changes, when an individual practices yoga and Pilates, resulting from the changes within the body and mind.

Joseph Pilates said that the practice of his system leads to a state of total well-being that would eliminate many diseases and social ills. The method of this system is an approach to life, and philosophy.

To help you achieve the full potency of Pilates, make it an integrated part of your daily life and you will achieve balance that maximizes the potential of your body, mind and spirit.

Practicing Pilates at least three times a week will strengthen, lengthen and sculpt your muscles.

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