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LifeSource Blood Pressure Monitor

There is a wide range of LifeSource blood pressure monitor which have been clinically proven to be one of the best available.  If you need to monitor your blood pressure on a regular basis then it is a must have.  These blood pressure monitors are the most cost effective, innovative and precise devices available on the market.

Using LifeSource is very easy for reading your pulse rate and to record your accurate blood pressure measurements right at home.  LifeSource blood pressure monitoring equipment guarantees ease of use and affordability.

LifeSource Blood Pressure Monitor UA-787EJ Description And Feature

This LifeSource Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Small Cuff for Thin Arms (UA-767PSAC) is unique with a trilingual - Spanish, French and English - instruction manual.

Stores the last two hundred and eighty readings, giving you more than six months look back at tracking your measurements and knowing your health history, along with time and date stamp.

Most blood pressure monitors do not store your readings for that long, so this monitor is cutting edge in its advance readings advantage. This way you really get to see how your blood pressure readings fluctuate or did not fluctuate.

It comes with an AC adapter, a quick start card, and a four week blood pressure logbook for your record keeping and your doctor's viewing.

The cuffs are designed to fit different arm sizes ranging from 9 to 17 inches around. That way you do not need to buy an additional cuff for a larger arm circumference. It fits snugly ensuring you get an accurate reading. Accuracy of this blood pressure monitor was approved by the European Hypertension Society.

You will be able to quickly take your pulse and blood pressure measurements due to its quick response auto inflate system. You can program the time and date of your reading by inputting your information into the monitor that has programmable alarms that will remind you if you should miss a measurement.

This monitor has a blood pressure rating indicator that shows you whether your blood pressure is high, low or within the medically accepted normal range.

Irregular Heartbeat Detection

If you are prone to irregular heart beat then this LifeSource monitor is right for you. It will display a symbol to alert you when your heartbeats are irregular.

This is a great monitor so go ahead and purchase one today.

Who Should Have A Blood Pressure Monitor

If your blood pressure is over 130/85 and have any of these conditions like obesity, anxiety, high cholesterol and other similar diseases you need to monitor your blood pressure and pulse on a regular basis.

LifeSource gives very precise readings and are made to be used by physicians as well as you the regular users.

Why Do You Need To Use It

On a daily basis, before or after meals, or before taking your medications, you are often required to get your blood pressure checked. With LifeSource blood pressure monitor it is a single button procedure to get an accurate reading.

This monitor provide fast results and come with intelligent pressure sensors is compact, simple to use, aimed at assisting you at home, while providing you with accurate evaluations for you to take on your next doctor's visit.

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