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The Three Levels Of Healing

Lets Activate This Inner Healing Wisdom

There are three levels of healing to our bodies overcoming its many issues and ailments. It starts off by how we take care of ourselves every day and also how we manage and tend to each of these levels of healing.

These three levels are not separate when it comes to your health because they make up the whole human being. Lets get to know these three levels.

Physical Level Of Healing

Super foods for healing. Foods

The physical level is the body we live in. Its what you, your doctor and even the people around you focus on.


The physical level starts with our diet. Are we eating colorful and nutritious foods? Is the taking of supplements part of our daily regiment, and are we engaged in some daily form of exercise.


This physical also covers how your wounds heal. Are they healing quickly and not developing into something else. Also if you break a bone is it mending?


Are you following your doctor’s or health guide recommendations for treatment?


All that covers your physical level.


Emotional Level To Healing

Emotional level begins with our thinking. Thinking and emotions are intertwined. If there is a constant negative mind-set or our thinking is always negative this triggers negative emotions such as anxiety, fear, anxiety, and other upsetting feelings. These negative emotions harm our health.

Meditation post.

The mind has control over what we experience physically and emotionally. So it has an impact on the healing process.


Many illnesses are manifested through our actions or inactions, along with our bottled-up worries. The mind-body systems send us signals that indicate emotional discord within.


A positive mind helps you to accomplish anything your heart desires.  With positivity you can use the powers within you to self heal.

Our Spiritual Level

Our spiritual being is so important and must be in a good shape for any healing to take place.

Spiritual level,

The spiritual level encompasses your faith, what you hold as sacred.

It includes the emotions of the heart, and the appreciation of nature.  Nature has such exceptional splendor, especially when you take the time to look around at the magnificent sunset, the constant movements of the waves on the ocean. How the waters of the ocean are contained within its boundary, and at the profound beauty of the Earth. 


On your spiritual journey do appreciate your own body with its exceptional capabilities and mind. How you think and relate in life. Do you have a deep sense of meaning and purpose that connects you to something that is so much greater than yourself?


For me and I hope for you also, is that our spirituality keeps us in touch with the Divine ... Whatever may be your Divine being, whether through meditation, prayer or simply a place of peace or sanctuary that is within or around us.

Levels Of Healing

We all live in human bodies that allow us to move through our world.  Sitting in the same boat, but somehow we find ourselves in different streams and moving at different paces. We are made of flesh, blood, and bone, with brains, hearts, and lungs that powers us.


We are all born with skills, or unique gifts and others that we have learned over our lifetime that gets us to where we want to go.

So the question becomes what talent, unique gift or tool are you using to get from point A to B on your life’s journey?


A balanced approach is best. Remember through all your health challenges others have experienced them also, in that same boat, and have made their way back into overcoming their specific issue.

Are you seeking encouragement in maintaining these three levels of healing? Let me help you in activating these levels of healing, by completing this short health history questionnaire now and return - its all about your health solutions.

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