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High Intensity Workouts Are Addictive:
People Keep Coming Back, Why?

If you find exercising boring try high intensity workouts.  They are more enjoyable, challenging and always changing. Routine it is not. With the bursts of intense exercises, followed by lower intensity recovery periods, you enjoy the workout because you see results.  You gain strength in a very short period of time. Exercising has a profound affect on your overall health.

I can attest to how addictive and enjoyable a high intensity exercise program can be. At the YMCA there is such a class and it is packed. The young man who is our Instructor is tough.  He insist on the correct form, and have each of us work at our own pace, but the exercises are tough.

After each class you realize how much your endurance has increased and how much stronger you have become and is.

The intensity and prolonged exercise is great for your "targeted heart rate" zone, control of high blood pressure and your lifespan.  

Why Do High Intensity Workouts

There are steps you can take to help prevent the development of high blood pressure and to help treat it without the use of drugs.  This means not having to deal your medications side effects.

High Intensity Workout High Intensity Workout

You gain life expectancy from healthy lifestyle practices.  Even if your are not overweight, exercises such as jogging three to five times a week is effective in preventing high blood pressure.

HIIT exercises helps in the reduction of weight if you are more than thirty percent above your ideal body weight.

Also exercising reduces your blood pressure to normal if your diastolic blood pressure is greater than 105 mm hg.

Its not exactly clear how this happens but the theory is exercise widens the millions of arterioles in your body, reducing resistance to blood flow, conditions the heart to pump more efficiently, thereby reducing its workload.

Opportunities For Exercising

Opportunities are everywhere for us to get in some exercise and anything is better than nothing.  Waiting for the perfect time or enthusiasm to lift you off the couch just doesn't work.

So make a commitment to do just ten minutes.  Probably once you get started those ten minutes might turn into thirty minutes. You will feel motivated after because of the energy and the lightening of your mood.  

I think HIIT makes working out more enjoyable and would be a good encouragement for individuals that struggle with regular exercise.

So learn more about HIIT today. Get started on controlling your high blood pressure and your longevity.

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