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High Blood Pressure Readings Classification

Being aware of what your high blood pressure readings are and means is very beneficial to your health and your lifespan, if you are an adult eighteen years and over. Know that your blood pressure is very sensitive to dietary consumption so start the control of this silent killer with simply changing your dietary input.

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If you have been diagnosed with hypertension your doctor will want to know whether you are developing or have developed any of the complications associated with high blood pressure.

So know that blood pressure readings provide a glimpse at what is occurring within the arteries of your body.  In a healthy person, blood pressure rises and falls throughout the day based on the need of the heart to work faster or harder.

Individuals with high blood pressure have pressure that remains high, too often.  So maintaining a blood pressure chart can literally save your life.

The blood pressure classifications below is a guide on the different stages between having a normal blood pressure reading and you being at high risk for malignant high blood pressure.

Classification Of High Blood Pressure Readings

The early diagnosis and treatment of hypertension is very important in reducing your risk of complications from kidney problems, eye disease, coronary heart disease, stroke and peripheral vascular disease.

Blood Pressure Reading Classification Treatment
120/80 mmHg OptimalThis is a normal reading and you do not need any treatment. Maintain your healthy lifestyle
130/80 mmHg NormalAdopt a healthy lifestyle and monitor your blood pressure every five years
130/80 - 139/89 mmHg Pre-hypertensionYou are at risk for heart disease. You may need to start treatment if you are at risk for heart disease and monitor yearly
140/90 - 159/99 mmHg Stage 1 hypertensionIf you do not have diabetes or have any cardiovascular problems, monitor your blood pressure readings every two to three months. If you have diabetes or at a high risk for cardiovascular disease, think of taking medication. And, in both cases start an exercise program, make healthy eating a part of your daily lifestyle.
160/100 - 179/109 mmHg Stage 2 hypertensionDaily regiment of exercise and lifestyle changes and start taking medications
180/110 mmHg Stage 3 hypertensionWith these high blood pressure readings you must be on medication. You are at risk for stroke or heart attack. Make dietary and lifestyle changes.

It is very important to monitor your blood pressure regularly because the readings can rise from year to year.  And as you get older, you should check your blood pressure at least once every three years or preferably annually.

For me the best news is most hypertension is controllable by just taking charge of your health.  Be aware of and including all preventative factors will decrease your dependence on high blood pressure medications.

Remember within the pages of this website you have everything you need to begin reversing your hypertension.

Blood Pressure Readings And Meanings

The high blood pressure readings obtained tell doctors a great deal about your current health.  As you can see from above, the degree of hypertension helps define the risk level.  It also helps doctors to pinpoint the solution to the problem.

For example, if someone has pre-hypertension, improving his or her lifestyle may be the only thing needed to improve this number.  Or some with stage - 2 hypertension may require medications, lifestyle changes and more aggressive measures.

High blood pressure readings are an important indication of health and well-being.  The higher this number is, the higher the risk is that you will develop complications.  More so, the longer you have a higher blood pressure reading, the higher your risks are.

High Blood Pressure Chart

A blood pressure chart helps to clarify the difference from one blood pressure level to the next.  I cannot stress often enough how hypertension or high blood pressure places tremendous pressure on your arteries and overwork your heart with each beat.

This silent killer progresses slowly for years without showing any symptoms, it is there just slowly damaging your blood vessels, heart and kidneys.  So check and recheck your blood pressure daily because it changes constantly.  Your thinking and the emotions that goes with that thinking alone can affect your blood pressure.

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