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Comprehensive High Blood Pressure Guide For Your Life

Your comprehensive high blood pressure guide offers you a safe, and effective way to regain and maintain normal blood pressure for life. You'll learn more about what causes high blood pressure, the prevention of cardiovascular complications and other common problems associated with an elevated blood pressure.

Arterial Hypertension

Arterial hypertension is defined as a symptom (which is the increase of systolic or diastolic values) and not a disease. But this is the first sign of the development of a cardiovascular condition.

So it is important that you get informed on the causes and the treatments available in reversing hypertension.

High Blood Pressure Guide

Below you will find your guide in preventing serious health problems and also less obvious causes of hypertension:

Causes Of Hypertension:

  • Heredity

  • Obesity

  • Sedentariness

  • Smoking

  • Salty foods

  • Neural-hormonal changes

Less Obvious Causes Of Hypertension:

  • Appetite Suppressants

  • Lead

  • Mercury

  • Narcotics

  • Nasal Decongestants and Other Cold Remedies

  • Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs

  • Oral Contraceptives

  • Phenylephrine - used in the treatment of nasal congestion sinusitis

  • Poisoned Planet

  • Steroids

Signs Of High Blood Pressure:

  • Dizziness

  • Headaches

  • Sight problems

  • Tiredness

Blood Pressure Values:

  • Normal blood pressure is Systolic: below 120 mm Hg; Diastolic: below 80 mm Hg.

  • Pre-hypertension is Systolic: 120-130 mm Hg; Diastolic: 80-89 mm Hg.

  • Stage 1 hypertension is Systolic: 160 mm Hg or more; Diastolic: 100 mm Hg or more.

Monitoring Your Blood Pressure Readings

You should always be aware of your blood pressure measurements and this can be accomplished by keeping a daily record.  The many symptoms of hypertension, is usually asymptomatic - this means you do not know you have HBP or there aren't symptoms or signals that you have high blood pressure.

Therefore, it is highly important that as you get older you should monitor your blood pressure readings from time to time.

Also, know that the readings mentioned in the high blood pressure guide will be slightly different for these four categories of people: diabetes sufferers, children, teenagers and people over sixty-five years old.

High Blood Pressure Diet

Your diet is very important, but make sure that you complete your blood pressure guide information as it relates to what ailments you have and what is recommended for decreasing your blood pressure.

Limiting your consumption of sodium based foods, alcohol but enriching your diet with foods that provide you with an increased quantity of magnesium, potassium and Omega 3 fatty acids.

Controlling Your Blood Pressure

When it comes to controlling and treating this disorder, visiting your doctor comes first. This way you will be able to receive the proper recommendations which are essential, especially if you suffer from other associated disorders as well.

Apart from that, there is a common advice that sometimes seems a cliche': live a healthy lifestyle. People have heard this many times, but they often fail to meet even the simplest requirements related to diet and exercise that will significantly improve their health.

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