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The Risk Factors Of High Blood Pressure Causes

High blood pressure causes can be attributed to many reasons, some that can be modified and some that cannot be. They know that numerous unalterable factors, such as age, sex, ethnicity and your family history do affect your blood pressure.  While there are other factors, such as lifestyle, diet, body weight, that can be altered to prevent an increase in your high blood pressure.

But, they cannot state categorically how these factors contribute to your high blood pressure.

The majority of what causes high blood pressure are classified as:

Primary Cause where the cause is unknown and include the increase of blood volume or constriction of your blood vessels. At this stage your high blood pressure is reversible.

The Secondary Causes of your high blood pressure becomes irreversible without the use of medication. With this cause a specific disease is usually identified as the cause. When that disease is treated, your blood pressure usually returns to normal.

Consequences Of High Blood Pressure

If your high blood pressure is left untreated it can create major damage to your heart, kidneys and your brain.

Some High Blood Pressure Causes

Lets review some of the factors of high blood pressure causes:


The heart beats continuously throughout your lifetime and pumps blood through your blood vessels. As you age your blood pressure tends to increase due to the hardening of your arteries. This is a natural progression.


Among all the races, African-Americans are prone to develop high blood pressure at a very young age. We develop more severe complications in life as compared to the other races. We are more vulnerable to high blood pressure complications than other races.


You are more susceptible to increased blood pressure levels if high blood pressure runs in your family.


It has been proven by various studies that men are more prone to developing blood pressure than women.


It is a well known fact that as your body weight increases, blood pressure levels also rises on a comparative basis. Being obese increases the risk for you to develop high blood pressure.

Sedentary Lifestyle:

If you live a sedentary lifestyle which lacks physical activity that can also lead to increased blood pressure levels. Regular planned exercise routine can help combat this situation.


Some medications and drugs have been known to create an increase in blood pressure levels. For example, some cold medication can cause your blood pressure to elevate. And, women who frequently use oral contraceptive pills are also known to develop increased levels of blood pressure.

Excessive Alcohol:

If you are sensitive to alcohol consumption, then more than one or two glasses a day can drastically increase your chances of high blood pressure.

Increased Intake Of Sodium:

Sodium sensitivity in certain people can also increase the chances of high blood pressure causes. Processed foods or fast foods contain a higher amount of sodium. So eating this type of foods can lead to high blood pressure.

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