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High Blood Pressure And Vision Loss

Researchers of high blood pressure and vision problems are finally realizing that they are many eye diseases that are connected to your blood pressure levels.  This was also recently confirmed by the Wisconsin's School of Medicine and Public Health that your blood pressure medicine could increase your risk of early-stage macular degeneration.

As you know your blood pressure exerts pressure on your blood vessels and there are many small and tiny blood vessels in your eye balls.  Thus with the constant pressure the eye blood vessels are also affected and can get damaged.

This can result in partial vision loss or even total vision loss.

That is why sometimes you feel pain in your eyes when your blood pressure increases.  Once you mention to your eye specialist that your eyes are aching he or she will immediately check for the cause which most likely will be your blood pressure is high.

Blood Pressure Medications Can Affect Your Eyes

According to researcher Sohan Singh Hayreh, taking blood pressure medication at night can worsen some eye diseases, causing sudden or even partial vision loss or leading to gradual blindness.

This happens if you have Glaucoma, which is the second leading cause of blindness, that affects millions of people.  Glaucoma gradually damages your optic nerve resulting in blindness if left untreated.

But according to researchers, when you take your blood pressure medication at night, the sharp drop in your blood pressure can aggravate glaucoma.  The sudden drop in your blood pressure deprives the optic nerve of vital blood and oxygen and this in turn causes abrupt injury to the eye or aggravates damages already caused by glaucoma.

Some people just wake up with partial or total vision loss that may be temporary or may be permanent.  So if you are taking your blood pressure medication at night, I strongly recommend you having a talk with your doctor.

High Blood Pressure And Vision Damage Or Loss

High blood pressure can damage the blood vessels that supplies blood to your retina.

This can lead to your blood vessels leaking or becoming blocked that can lead to bleeding in your eyes, swelling of the optic nerve, blurred vision and even complete loss of your vision.

Treatment Of High Blood Pressure

This proves that high blood pressure and vision complications can be very serious, so the controlling of your blood pressure is very important. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and taking your prescribed medication will help in keeping these severe complications at bay.

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