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Natures Bounty of Herbs
That Lower Blood Pressure

Mother Nature has provided us with plenty of herbs that lower blood pressure.  Most are leafy plants that do not have wooden stem, and are one of the safest and ideal methods of controlling your high blood pressure.

With the increasing bad side effects I had with my medications I decided to look into and research on the effectiveness of alternative treatments.  I looked for herbs that were proven over the years to improve heart health and slow the aging effects of time.

There was no way I alone was experiencing these effects.  I found there were many vitamins, minerals, herbs, antioxidants that sometimes works just as well as standard medicines.  You just need to consult with your doctor and discuss whatever method you decide to use.

Consuming Herbs That Lower Blood Pressure Herb

Most people are not aware of the effectiveness of these herbs for high blood pressure and ways to find and consume them daily. Best approach would be to grow them in your own garden.

But if you do not have a garden you can still grow your own herbs that lower blood pressure in pots or containers as they occupy less space.  These freshly grown herbs can be taken in the form of herbal teas, herbal oils and as daily meal seasoning.

Here are some aromatic herbs that will help to lower your blood pressure:

  1. Chamomile - This herb can be used as fresh or dried flower and will have incredible effects on your blood pressure. Chamomile is capable of curing anxiety attacks and insomnia. It can be consumed int he form of tea or oil. And the essential oil can be used as a muscle relaxant and soothers.

  2. Rosemary - It is widely used to treat a number of ailments including high blood pressure. Dried rosemary is an amazing taste enhancer for teas, soups, pasta and meat. Rosemary has the tendency to regulate high or low blood pressure and relieve headaches caused by blood pressure trouble.

  3. Nutmeg - a spice that can be used to lower blood pressure. - A Spice
  4. Nutmeg - Primarily this herb is used in sweet and spicy foods to boost the taste. It can detoxify your blood naturally if used regularly. Nutmeg acts as a natural relaxant that stimulates nerves and relieves stress which makes your blood flow more easily and as a result creates a drop in your blood pressure.

  5. Hawthorn - Hawthorn berries are great artery dilator and should be consumed as part of your daily diet. It takes a little while to start working. Major benefits of this berry include lowering your high blood pressure and cholesterol level, strengthening your heart walls, simulating efficient blood circulation and numerous nervous conditions. Hawthorn also serves as a protection for your heart and vessels against blood clot and cardiac stroke.

  6. Suma - Suma tea helps detoxify your body by removing harmful toxins. The tea also acts as a stress reliever and expands blood arteries that allows for easy blood flow and heart functioning better. Suma, also called Brazilian ginseng, is utilized for curing blood sugar and circulatory system ailments.

  7. Oolong and Green Tea - Taking two cups of green and oolong tea daily can surely bring positive changes in only a couple of weeks! Green and oolong tea both act as antioxidants and help expand blood vessels, drain out toxins from blood, regulate cholesterol and blood pressure level, prevent formations of chemicals that elevate blood pressure and help you lose weight.

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