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Use Healing Meditation To Control Your Heart Beat And Pulse

I use healing meditation to support the controlling of my high blood pressure. After every session my blood pressure lowers, it has helped in the rewiring of my brain, it enhances sex life, increases the levels of happiness, and enhances immune system.

All this happens by simply sitting still and quieting the mind for approximately twenty minutes.  It is so beneficial and practical.  

Healing Meditation,

You can experience all these accelerated healing of the body, emotional, mental and physical benefits.  Know that with practice, once in a while the sounds will disappear, then sensations disappear and then thoughts will disappear.

You have reached your state of tranquility and the stillness you feel will be sweet.

Researchers states that meditation practice do increase the size of specific brain areas.  You can mentally change your brain structure, increase your brain cells and even modify neuronal pathways through your life experiences.

This type of healing meditation is at the heart of you making positive changes in every area of your life.  At the basic level, this type of mind-training improves mental stability and bestows a healthier immune system.

With a stable, focused and calm mind you will reduce your stress, and that in turn will result in less illness and emotional anxiety.

How I Learned To Meditate

The aim of meditation is to still your mind, as best as you can, then giving it something else to do like deep breathing, counting or reciting a word over and over will work wonders

One of the first step of meditation is to sit still.

The first week of my first time meditating I learned how to take full control of my body by just sitting perfectly still.  This is from fifteen minutes to half an hour every day, in a quiet environment.  At first my thoughts roamed all over the place and I let it.  Learning how to be still is absolutely essential in controlling your body before you can progress.

Next, I closed my eyes, and using a repeated word, "I AM", in my mind, silently, to shift my mind from the constant chatter, "the mind wandering" while matching the rhythm of my breathing to the word to enhance the repetition of the word.

I adopted a laid-back, passive attitude, so when distracting thoughts came, I was not worried, I simply returned to the repetition of the mental word.  When thoughts occur, it does not mean you are meditating incorrectly, because it is to be expected.

With every healing meditation try to deeply relax all your muscles and with daily practice you will become successful at meditation.

For me meditation is a form of rewiring of the brain. This mind training helps us to focus more, and bringing awareness for us to receive divine information.

Your goal is to reach the point of thoughtlessness.  To help you reach that place of complete peace, look at these different types of healing meditation and their benefits, and choose the one that fits you.

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The Healing Benefits Of Meditation

If you do not like exercising, then try to do meditation twice a day for just twenty minutes.  It provides you with a day's worth of blood pressure control.  Also these high blood pressure lowering exercise  might just be right for you.

Meditation Posture,

Meditation is not any kind of religion, but is proven science that started over three thousand year ago. From this healing practice you'll see a reduction of your stress and the tension within your body, thereby achieving deep relaxation.

Meditation rewires your mind, slow down aging and other degenerating diseases.

Find a place within your home or apartment, a retreat of sort - a place where you go to commune with your higher self - that is quiet and free from traffic.  Wear loose, comfortable clothing, sit upright in a comfortable chair or on a firm cushion in a cross-legged position.

Close your eyes, focus on your breathing with the intent of calming yourself.  And the more you focus on your breathing, the calmer you will become.

Often when you still your mind and listen quietly to your inner voice you will have creative thinking, or it will protect you from making the wrong decision.  By switching off your mind from time to time we can achieve relaxation, thereby lowering your blood pressure and find the inner peace we all seek.

To meditate set aside to start five minutes and gradually increase this time to twenty minutes daily.  Be consistent.

These techniques listed below are surprisingly simple and useful. Practice these exercises to lower blood pressure and save your life.

How To Breathe While Practicing Healing Meditation, spa stones

How you breathe affects your whole body.  Breathing involves inhaling oxygen into your lungs and exhaling carbon dioxide through your nose.

To correctly breathe you engage the main muscle of breathing, your diaphragm.  When your diaphragm contracts it allows your abdomen to pull more oxygen rich air into your lungs and when you exhale it relaxes your body.

As you inhale, focus and imagine your breath traveling from your navel up to the crown of your head, along your spinal column, and to different parts of your body.  Inhale and exhale along the different points of your body.

Do these healing meditation exercises for approximately ten minutes daily and see how relaxed you feel.  Take your blood pressure before and after doing these meditations and you will definitely see a difference in your measurements.  

So start your healing process with these complementary treatment to lowering your high blood pressure.

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Deep-Breathing For Total Relaxation

  • Start by exhaling, feeling your breath flowing down to your ankles.

  • Next inhale, imagining your breath flowing to the crown of your head. Continue with this imagination with your breath stopping at your knees, then to a spot on your spinal column where your navel is located.

  • Then move that breath to between your breasts, then to the hollow of your throat, then to the bridge where the nostril let the air out over the top of your lips.

  • Inhale and exhale at this bridge about ten times.

  • Now focus your breath to along your spinal column, imagining your breath sweeping up to the crown of your head. Inhaling and exhaling along that point, slowly and deliberately to start, then with total abundance about sixteen or seventeen times.

  • Next relax your breath, bringing it back to the bridge. You may feel a bit light-headed, as if you are in a trance. But this is where you begin to just be in the silence and that space you have created.

Allow the thoughts that comes into your mind to pass through undisturbed.  Ignore them.  Let your thoughts have no meaning for you.  As you become more stronger at this healing meditation exercise you will be able to stay in that state for longer periods of time.

After completing this exercise, rub your hands together lightly, then place the palms of your hands over your eyes, feeling the warmth of your palms.   Then open your eyes, looking only at your palms, follow the lowering of your hands to your lap with your eyes.  This will help to ease you through the healing meditation transition back into the real world.

Heartbeat Meditation

  • Sit comfortably where you won’t be disturbed.

  • Place your left hand on the upper part of your chest.

  • Use the right index and forefinger of your right hand to feel the pulse on your left wrist.

  • Close your eyes and feel your pulse.

  • Try to count your pulse along with your slow deep breathing using your diaphragm.

  • It is very hard to count both your pulse and breaths at the same time but this technique will absorb your mind allowing you deep relaxation.

Deep-Breathing Meditation

  • Again sit in a quiet place, and be comfortable.

  • Lightly place your hands, with fingertips touching, on your diaphragm and concentrate on the movement of your diaphragmic breathing. Breathe in for a count of five, then out for five.

  • Or let your hands fall naturally into your lap and close your eyes.

  • With each intake of breath, your stomach should expand and your fingertips part.

  • With each exhalation your stomach should contract with your fingertips touching.

  • Feel the tension in your neck and shoulders leave your body. Do this healing meditation exercise to start. Bring both shoulders up to your ear and then let them drop.

  • Do this deep-breathing exercise from five to ten minutes and just concentrate on the movement of your fingers.

You can do these mindfulness meditations in your office, just before going to sleep or anywhere else you will not be disturbed.  Just make sure you feel safe and secure for these healing meditation techniques.

Other Types Of Meditation

You might find this surprising, but you may be meditating and not even know it. I am sure you unconsciously meditate at times, doing things that require no conscious effort.  It just quiets the mind.  

Here are some things that you might have already done and have achieved deep levels of relaxation, meditation and creativity:

  • Cooking

  • Gardening

  • Reading

  • Jogging

  • Vacuuming

  • Walking

Mindfulness Meditation

Be mindful of how you feel of what is happening when you breathe. Always breathe in and out slowly and deeply.  Observe the air entering your abdomen, how it expands as you inhale, and contracts as you exhale the air out.

Focus on whether your breathing is shallow or deep, smooth or ragged. Feel your heart beating and your blood pulsing through your body. Because the more you focus on your body the more you will be able to quiet your mind and switch off longer from the world.

The truth is your life will never be stress or worry free.  But if you learn how to make yourself happy and be grateful, you are off to a good start in quieting your mind.  Accepting your self-talk can help to lower your anxiety.

Your mind is used to constant chattering, it has been doing that all of your life.  The first time you try to meditate it will try to distract you.  You may close your eyes and start seeing things, faces or pictures. 

Your mind is inventing tons of reasons why this is so hard to do. You might tell yourself that practicing healing meditation exercises is silly. No, it is the best thing for your health and mind. So I am providing you with another source for you to find more serenity for you to heal rewire your brain while practicing healing meditation.

Just tell yourself that you are taking this time just for you, and focus on your breathing.

Be patient and give yourself time, don’t give in to your mind twists and turns, it is possible to clear, quiet your mind and center yourself. Remember you are training your mind to be still. Meditating is beneficial, practical, healthy and therapeutic.

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