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Foods To Lower Blood Pressure

And As They Say "You Are What You Eat"

Being able to prepare and eat foods to lower blood pressure is one important aspect to combat this silent killer.  Planning meals can be a pleasure and also very nutritious.  It should fit in with your taste buds, personality, your family, lifestyle, cultural traditions and your budget.  Lets get started.

Below are certain food items that are known to be effective in reducing blood pressure readings when consumed on a regular basis.

Remember, weight loss, a healthy diet and salt intake reduction can lower your blood pressure.  Weight gain and excessive salts can be harmful for you if you have high blood pressure and this enhances the need for a planned diet.

Potassium-Rich Foods To Lower Blood Pressure

Green Salad.

Delicious and flavorful prepared meals are possible.

Potassium is a key component for a healthy pressure reading. Adequate consumption of potassium intake have been proven to balance blood pressure levels.

Foods like papaya, guava, banana, oranges, prunes, potato, squash, avocado, yam, yogurt, are rich sources of potassium and can considerably help to reduce your blood pressure.

Garlic And Garlic Supplements


Ah Garlic, it has many uses and gives food a great flavor.

Garlic is also a natural blood thinner that may help in the reduction of your blood pressure. A clove of garlic a day is said to cause noticeable reduction in blood pressure levels.

I highly recommend Kyolic Garlic Formula 100 Original Cardiovascular Formula (300 Capsules).

But due to its aggressive nature, garlic or garlic supplements should not be taken along with your medications for blood pressure. You should consult with your healthcare physician before using this natural remedy.

Pomegranate Juice

Orange segments and Pomegranate seeds. segments and Pomegranate seeds.

Pomegranate juice is another effective blood pressure reducer in its pure form. When consumed on a daily basis for a considerable time, has been proven to blood pressure levels by almost 20%.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate. Chocolate

Yummy!!!!  Chocolate lovers should be delighted to know that dark chocolate included in your daily diet can reduce blood pressure levels substantially. This effect however is not produced by milk chocolate or white chocolate and is very specific to the dark one only.

However be careful to not over consume dark chocolate in your quest for foods to lower blood pressure.

Low-Fat Dairy

Dairy products that contain low levels of fat is known to produce blood pressure lowering effects. It is a good idea to replace your high fat dairy foods with skim milk and low-fat yogurt.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another natural blood pressure reducer and is found in abundance in your fruits and vegetables. So include as much as possible in your daily as they are without any side-effect and full of antioxidant.

Fruits like grapefruit, blackberries and raisins are few of the rich sources of Vitamin C, or purchase a pack of NOW Supplements, Vitamin C-1000 Sustained Release, 250 Tablets.


Chicken, vegetables and rice and peas meal.

I think chicken is one of the most eaten meat. And when the skin is removed it is said to be good for lowering your blood pressure because it is a rich source of collagen.

Be careful in the preparation and cooking of chicken, by not eating fried chicken or those cooked in batter. So the best option would be to broil or baked your chicken. Include this meat in your diet plans.

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