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Control High Blood Pressure Diet For Reversing Hypertension

In order to understand why control high blood pressure diet is so important, you should know that hypertension is the most frequent cardiovascular disorder that leads to very severe complications with no observable signs or symptoms. This is why you should be aware of how to measure your blood pressure, your blood pressure numbers, and if high, how to quickly and safely lower your readings.

If you have had extremely bad side effects from your many medications to lower your blood pressure then read these proven and quick ways that might be of help to you.

This is a short-term diet that has long-term benefits for your health and quality of life. Also this diet has scientifically proven to lower elevated blood pressure real fast.

Quick Start Diet For High Blood Pressure

Dr. Julian Whitaker, author of Reversing Heart Disease has a simple yet dramatically effective plan with a comprehensive program of diet, exercise, and nutrition to decrease dangerously high blood pressure fast. He is from the Whitaker Wellness Institute with a program that do not rely on drugs and emphasize the importance of drinking more water for the control of high blood pressure.

He recommend eating for two weeks only all the vegetables, fruits and rice you want, and nothing else. This is not the normal diet recommended for individuals with hypertension, but it has demonstrated time and again to lower blood pressure in a hurry.

  • Breakfast: Blueberries and brown rice (sweetened with Kal Pure Stevia Liquid Extract Unflavored -- 25 mg - 2 fl oz)

  • Snacks: Grapefruit

  • Lunch: Homemade vegetable soup, Green salad with lemon juice and herb dressing

  • Snacks: Apple wedges

  • Dinner: Brown rice topped with sliced mushrooms sauteed in water and Italian herbs, steamed broccoli and cauliflower

  • Dessert: Sliced strawberries

Use fresh herbs to add flavor to your food and mix up your fruits and vegetables for variety.

Dietary Changes For Control High Blood Pressure Diet

You will be pleasantly surprise at how quickly your blood pressure will respond to dietary changes that balances your nutrient imbalances and also insulin resistance that is an underlying factor of hypertension.

Below you can read a few facts about control high blood pressure diet.

  • Vegetarians, usually have lower blood pressure levels and fewer problems with cardiovascular disorders. The experts say that the vegetarian diet does not include meat, is low in salt, fat and protein, but has lots of potassium, fibers, calcium, magnesium, A and C vitamins, complex carbohydrates, all of which have beneficial influence on your blood pressure readings.

  • Eating fresh and frozen vegetables instead of canned vegetables.

  • As a side benefit to this dietary change, you'll lose weight.

  • Limit your alcohol intake, more than three glasses a day can lead to high blood pressure.

  • Eating cold water fish, such as salmon, is also recommend for their beneficial supply of omega 3 fatty acids.

  • Then there is olive oil which also help to lower your blood pressure as it contains polyphenols which are beneficial for the cardiovascular system.

Your Genetics

Some people are genetically linked to hypertension, but there is enough proof that a healthy lifestyle and a control high blood pressure diet can help a lot.

Exercise Program

But another most important point is not to forget to exercise on a regular basis. Participate in aerobics, swimming and cycling being some of the most recommended sport activities for lowering your blood pressure.

Also next to your healthy diet make sure to avoid unhealthy habits that can affect your blood pressure significantly such as smoking.

And remember to always check with your physician before staring any diet or exercise program.

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