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Children Blood Pressure Monitors Are Unique

Is it surprising to know that they now manufacturer children blood pressure monitors and there is a market for it.  Children with high blood pressure used to be a rare event, now it is much more common.

Child with high blood pressure.

Before the 1980s less than 2% of children in the United States had hypertension. Now more than 5% are being diagnosed with it.  Childhood high blood pressure may have a number of causes, but most are due to the increases in obesity.

If you think your child might have a weight problem you should have their pediatrician take their blood pressure.  Because having a chronic disease like high blood pressure makes them stand out, and they don't want to. So managing their blood pressure is essential.

Children like the elderly are different, they are much smaller and are still growing.

If your child's blood pressure is checked periodically you can then find out plenty even if it isn't a persistent increase in high blood pressure.

So choosing from one of these children blood pressure monitors will assist you in keeping records of your child's blood pressure reading.

Diagnosing high blood pressure is different for children, so measuring their blood pressure with a stethoscope is the smallest infants and children is difficult because the sounds are so hard to hear in their tiny arms.

So to overcome this problem pediatricians uses Doppler ultrasound instruments to take blood pressure in your children's small arteries.

Children Blood Pressure Monitors

FDA Approved Fully Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor 3 mode 3 cuffs Electronic Sphygmomanometer

The width of the blood pressure cuff must be appropriate for the size of your child's arm. If the cuff is too small, then the reading may be too high. If the cuff is too large the reading may be too low.

When measuring, the cuff has to completely surround your child's upper arm and if your child's is between cuff sizes use the larger cuff.

Proper Measuring Technique For Children

  • Your child should be comfortable in the examination room before starting blood pressure reading.

  • Your baby should be not be crying or sucking, before a reading. Your child should be lying quietly.

  • Children from three years and older, can use the stethoscope to measure their blood pressure in the conventional way.

  • Older children should sit rather than lie down to take their reading and their arm should be level with their heart.

  • Usually the right arm is conventionally used to measure children blood pressure.

Normal Blood Pressure By Age

Newborn 70/45 mm Hg
1 to 5 years 115/75 mm Hg
6 to 12 years 125/80 mm Hg
13 to 15 years 126/78 mm Hg
16 to 18 years 132/82 mm Hg
Over 18 years 139/89 mm Hg

Your child's height can affect the blood pressure reading. Normally a taller child has higher blood pressure than a child that is short of the same age.

Do check with your Doctor to reach the best decision on how to treat your children with high blood pressure.

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