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The Health Of Your Chakras And High Blood Pressure Levels

The health of your chakras and high blood pressure levels all have the potential to affect all your body's organs. In essence it is your eight (was seven) stages of healing and power. There are specific energy centers within our bodies known as chakras. These energy fields connect to your nerves, hormones and emotions. Are located not only in the head but all through the entire body.

Chakras And High Blood Pressure

Every human being, male and female, are born with the same chakras and they are affected by emotional and psychological issues. Your nerves, hormones and emotions are all connected by this energy center.  When all these energy centers are working in accordance with each other they will help you to activate mind/body connections to help you heal.

Your chakras direct the power, or life force that runs through our systems. They are part of our internal physical and spiritual guidance system. At the same time they are our universal, external guides for the creation of health.


It is to your best interest, to your longevity, and to the balancing of your chakras and high blood pressure, to learn how to balance the energies of body and soul, of thought and action, of physical and mental power. Your body, my body contains an immanent blueprint for our healing.

Are you experiencing ill health and not aging well? Then correcting the energies of your chakras and high blood pressure readings will definitely be lower.  There is a saying that given the right conditions your body will heal itself.

You can feel vibrant again and slow your aging process, with the balancing of these seven energy centers and your high blood pressure levels will lower.  It is great for you if you are in the senior citizen category. Trust me you will slow that aging clock.

These eight energy centers that is also known as vortexes, governs the ductless glands within your body’s endocrine system which in turn regulate all of your body’s functions.

You ask what is my ductless glands? Your ductless glads is also referred to as the hormone system. They have no duct but secrete their content directly into your blood stream.

So lets get started on getting you youthful chakras and high blood pressure control now. Normalizing the speed of all seven chakras are an integral part of my how to overcome high blood program.

The Importance Of Your Chakras

Your chakras are powerful energy fields that are invisible to the eyes, are real and regulate your body’s functions. Every one of your eight chakras is associated with specific organ systems and specific emotional states. It can either be weakened or be energized by your beliefs and feelings.

Try to visualize and encourage each energy field to see if it feels healthy or seems to need your attention and care, because they all affect one another and are interactive. Each vortexes's energy needs to be spinning at their correct speed to bring you physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

The energy fields of your chakras.
As you can see on the picture there are seven chakra centers, otherwise known as your vortexes or your energy centers. As per Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth these energies affect each area of your body simultaneously and express themselves as health problems in the area of your body that is most vulnerable.

Until recently we have been focusing on seven major chakras in our bodies but recently they have found a chakra located between the heart and throat, named Thymus chakra that is connected to the world soul, located in the upper chest region. Here are all eight chakra location and how they are related as follows:

  1. The first vortex or root chakra is located at the base of your spine. The body areas that are related to this vortex are your spine, the rectum, your hip joints, the blood and your immune system.

  2. The second vortex or sacral chakra is located within the area of your lower abdomen just below your navel. Your pelvic and reproductive organs, bladder and appendix are associated with the second chakras.

  3. Third vortex or the solar plexus chakra you’ll find above your navel just below your chest. Your gall bladder, liver, pancreas, stomach and small bowel are the organs associated with this chakra.

  4. Fourth vortex or your heart chakra. It plays a very important role with your chakras and high blood pressure, and is found in the center of your chest. Organs related to this energy field are the heart, lungs, blood vessels, ribs, breast, diaphragm and upper esophagus. It is also related to emotional expression including anger that seems to be part of the symptoms of hypertension, cardiac arrhythmias, chest pain, congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease. All are related to high blood pressure.

  5. Fifth vortex or your Thymus chakra. As we evolve a new chakra is awakening within us. Found recently this new chakra will support us as we learn to be more opened to each other. The function of the Thymus chakra is to generate peace and universal love. It is connected to the thymus gland a major part of our immune system, and found between the heart and throat chakras.

  6. The sixth chakra also called the throat chakra is in your throat area. Organs related to this area are your thyroid, throat, mouth, teeth and gums.

  7. Vortex number seven, the brow chakra is in the center of your forehead, between your eyebrows. Linked to your brain, eyes, ears, nose and pineal gland. Physical dysfunctions are linked to brain tumors, hemorrhages, stroke, dizziness, and neurological disturbances to name a few.

  8. And the last but the highest vortex of all which is your eighth chakra called the crown chakra, that is at the crown of your head. This energy field can be involved in any organ system. It is linked to multiple system abnormalities, any life-threatening illness or even genetic disorders.

From the breakdown of these vortexes you can clearly see their individual importance but also note how connected they are to each other's health.

My Experience With Practicing These Rites

To revitalize your chakras practicing the rites shown in the book Fountain of Youth you start with doing three rites daily and increasing the amounts by two weekly.

Life starts with balanced chakras.

Well when I increased my practice the first time I experienced pain and stiffness, on the left side of my abdomen in the second chakra region. I went to the doctor who said there is nothing there that could be damaged since that area holds only my intestines. He further said it was probably just a build-up of gas or something.

Know that these rites are powerful and you will feel it within the different areas of your body.

I then realized that the energy within that area was being activated but was a bit too strong and I could not handle it. So I went back to practicing the three rites for a couple days and then increased the amount again and my body handled that power beautifully.

By the time I reached the twenty-one rites daily practices I felt the strength in my muscular bones.  I was strong.  Know that I do fall off sometimes but I go right back on because I love how I feel and the youthfulness of my looks.

So please get started on revitalizing your chakras and high blood pressure healing.  Reap the rewards it offers.

Chakras And High Blood Pressure

If you are healthy everyone of these vortexes revolves at a very high speed, giving you access to vital life energy, also called prana or etheric energy. It flows upward through your endocrine system and if one or more of these vortexes begins to slow down, that flow of vital energy is inhibited and ill health starts.

So from the details listed above you can now see how much your health relies on the health of your chakras and high blood pressure levels are connected to each other.

Would you like these energy centers, your chakras and high blood pressure spinning normally again?

How To Have All Eight Energy Vortexes Revolving At High Speed Again

First I must tell you that I am a student of these rites, that I do them often and I do not look my true age. I look much younger. Occasionally I will stop doing these exercises for a time but then I start to feel my age and I go right back to practicing these rites.

Rite Number One is spinning and can cause nausea and loss of balance. So I suggest you do it slowly and as with any new exercise program you should first consult with a qualified medical practitioner before attempting to do them.

Read the instructions carefully, always go clockwise and complete rites in the correct sequence.

Practice the five simple exercises or rites, detailed in Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth that will have your energy centers spinning normal again. And read more on what Wikipedia have to say about Chakras.

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