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Boost Your Brain Power Whatever Your Age

Concentrating and completing these mind tricks enables you to boost your brain power, giving you an incredibly sharp memory. Can you imagine not having to stress about recalling someone's name? This alone would make your everyday actions seamless thereby keeping your blood pressure under control.

Boosting your brain power

You'll amazed to discover how much control you have over a gift that you may thing is entirely beyond your control.

Boosting your brain power, whether you are young or is regarded as elderly, is all about making sure your brain is working at full capacity.  This you can learn how to do. Increasing your productivity, your concentration and making problem solving a breeze.

Lets see if it can also slow the onset of dementia.

Maintaining A Sharp Memory - Concentration

Bob Proctor said "there is no such thing as a poor memory, the truth is you never remembered it in the first place."  He further states everyone has a perfect memory.  So lets get started in sharping your memory and reducing your blood pressure.

Memory is developed through ridiculous association.  Get a pen and paper and write numbers down from 1 to 10 with the following associations. 

  • 1 run.  Then visualize a pen running around.

  • 2 a zoo - see a monkey's cage within the zoo. See your book in the monkey's cage being held by the monkey.

  • 3 tree - think of a specific tree. See lots of gold stop-watches hanging from this tree that has no leaves.

  • 4 door - your front door.  Visualize a calculator crashing through your front door.

  • 5 beehive.  Visualize people coming along sticking microphones into that great big beehive.

  • 6 sticks - visual holding a pair of chop sticks. Now see yourself eating the styrofoam cup with the chop sticks.

  • 7 heaven - child's conception of heaven with blue sky and white clouds.  Visualize cashew nuts with wings, flying around as angels flying pass the white clouds.

  • 8 a gate hung on a white picket swinging in the breeze.  Visualize bottles of water on top of the pickets fence.

  • 9 red wine bootle. Visualize taking the cap off the wine bottle and pouring the wine all over some legal documents.

  • 10 den in a home with a door on it. Now see yourself opening the door to the Den and seeing paper clips flying towards you when you open the door.

Now place your hand on your chest, practice saying the above associations. Feel the vibration of speech, then turn over the paper and repeat from memory.  Once you master that, increase the number and association until you can easily remember names or different things from 1 to 100.

The mind is a powerful force that cannot be forced. So let yourself remember.  Put your hand on your chest and repeat the association 1 through 10 and feel the vibration.

Feel a positive vibration when you speak.

Keep Your Stress Levels In Check

Its no secret that when you are under a lot of stress you tend to become more forgetful and make mistakes.  This is because your body is producing a higher level of cortisol, a hormone your body produces when you are stressed.

And, chronic stress shrinks one memory center of the brain called the hippocampus.  So to help combat this and boost your brain power create healthy habits like exercising, and doing fun things to relax.  This helps to counteract the cortisol's negative effects on your blood pressure and brain.

Foods That Help Boost Your Brain Power

Dark leafy greens are chock full of nutrients that have positive effect on your brain's health and your blood pressure.

Salmon and walnuts are central to in helping to boost your brain power due to their high fatty acids.

Berries, red wine and chocolate are all high in polyphenols and other compounds that help improve the circulation of blood flow.  This especially good for your heart health and also your brain.

As you can see jotting down ridiculous information is a powerful way to help your brain store it.  As a result, you focus more on what you need to remember.  So good luck with these memory tricks and become ageless.

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