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Be At Your Best Shape Ever At Every Age
20s, 30s, 40s, 50s And Over

You have more control than you think in being at your best shape ever at every age, even with high blood pressure.  Granted losing weight and keeping it off can be a bit of a battle as you age.  And there is no magic potion in having flat abs and sculpted waistline.  But let me show you the many ways you can stop the adding of pounds in its tracks.

best shape ever at any age.

When you look in the mirror you see the flabs and no tone on your body.  You are blaming lack of time, stress on the job, pregnancies, aging along with family obligations.

Also researchers says you start to lose three to eight percent of your muscle mass per decade after you reach the age of thirty.

I am here to state that it is possible to boast your metabolism and lose weight and be in your best shape ever if you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s.  Your heart will thank you.

How Your Body Gain Weight

Due to the fluctuations of your progesterone and estrogen that is associated with perimenopause, weight can creep up on you even if you do not overeat.

So how can you cut back on your calorie intake?  Easy. Cut out or drink less Lattes.  Their caloric number is over 300 and this is just at the start of your day.  You don't need to cut yourself off from caffeine, it can be good for your heart, but choose your caffeinated drink that is much lower in caloric number.

Your Best Shape Ever Diet For High Blood Pressure 

Best shape ever.

The main focus of any high blood pressure diet is to consciously don't overeat. Read more about Dietary Reference Intakes at different life stages published by The Institute of Medicine, National Academies on the average nutrient needed to be at your best shape ever.

Your Meals

To lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals

- Benjamin Franklin

Be aware of your carb intake.  I know Oprah said she lost weight while eating bread every day.  I am sure it was not white bread.  Refined carbs are not good for you.  Omit white breads, crackers and pastas.

Remember these number when filling your plate.

  • 2 cups of vegetables
  • 1/2 cup of starch - brown rice, whole-grain pasta.

Consume a diet full of lean proteins that helps you to maintain muscle mass, while eating a ton of leafy greens along with colorful vegetables.

It is always best to cook your own meals.  Stock your refrigerator with healthy items that require not a lot of time to prepare. Do as much shortcuts as possible and purchase foods that are already individually packed.  Try not to cook from scratch especially during the work week.

Alcohol Consumption

We all have a drink now and again, some people more often.  Move towards moderate drinking.  Alcohol drinking is empty calories.  Before you start drinking I would suggest you drink a big glass of water, this is sure to curb the amount you drink in an evening.

If you are drinking beers, drink the low carb ones that contain only 2 to 3 grams of carbs.  Regular beer has about 13 grams in a can.

Cocktails made with mixers can have as much as 27 grams a glass.  Get to like plain soda water and have that instead sometimes.

During an evening of drinking try not to overeat.  Munching and then having a meal is usually what happens.  So know where and what you'll be eating after your happy hour.

As You Age - 50s And Over

You are now having low estrogen levels and a drop in your progesterone production.  This causes your metabolism to drop and fat to accumulate in your belly.  Now you have to find the time to fine-tune your meals to maintain your best shape ever.

Cut back on your calories but not on the amount of food you eat.  You must feel full and satisfied.  Foods that gives you the feeling of fullness and are great for high blood pressure are full of water.  One such food is celery, it is high in nutrients.

Have a celery stick with hummus rather than crackers.  Your blood pressure will thank you.  And, don't snack after sundown.  Because eating then is when your body thinks it's time to sleep so you'll burn fewer calories.

Add vitamin D3 to your daily intake.  This vitamin is said to increase your muscle strength and reduce the loss of muscle mass.  With more muscle mass you increase your caloric burn at rest.  It is suggested that you take a daily supplement of 1,000 IU.

Jullian Michaels Interview With Health Magazine

Julia Michaels had a chat with Amy Spencer of Health Magazine and was asked about fitness at any age.  I found this article insightful and  I hope you think so too.

  • Amy Spencer question:  So if you're 50, you can do whatever you build yourself up to do?

  • Jullian Michaels response:  Here is what matters: your current level of fitness.  If you're out of shape at 20, it's the same thing as being out of shape at 50. It's never too late! A 20-year-old should be training for the same reason the 50-year-old is. We want bone density. We want lean muscle mass. We want to burn intramuscular fat. We want to make sure we keep our arteries clear.  We want to have cardiovascular strength. The human body is the human body.

Keep Moving Don't Sit Still

Increase your daily movements for your best shape ever.  Diet alone will not help you to maintain flat abs and a sculpted waistline.  You have to up the ante on your exercise program.

If floor aerobics is too hard on your legs, then do water aerobic, aqua jog, spinning classes, yoga and pilates.  They give you a great workout.  When I do just 45 minutes of Vinyasa yoga I am sweating and my heart beat is increased.

The Five Tibetan Rites Of Rejuvenation

Along with my exercise program I have included these Five Rites or Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation written about in this book, Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth that I am urging you to practice. It is a health and life changing practice.

These five exercises  governs your powerful energy fields thats invisible to the eye and are called chakras.  When you are healthy each of these chakras or vortexes revolves at great speed permitting vital life energy.  But if one or more of these vortexes slow down your vital energy flow is inhibited or blocked you start aging and physical deterioration set in.

When you practice these five rites daily, you'll see a miraculous change within your body in a week. This has happened for me and it will for you too.  Also these rites must be done in the order listed. So go ahead and purchase your copy today and get started on the way to perfect health and get into your best shape ever at any age.

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