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Best Blood Pressure Medication

Anti-hypertensive Drugs And Their Side Effects

Choosing the best blood pressure medication depends upon a number of conditions such as age, family history and poor general health, can all pit the odds against you. But remember, hypertension is mainly a lifestyle disorder and how you choose to live will determine whether or not your health will be affected by these risk factors.

Best blood pressure medication

A healthy lifestyle that includes a diet of fresh plant base foods and exercise alone can do wonder for your heart and even regulate your blood pressure.  So I strongly suggest that you maximize lifestyle changes that lower blood pressure without drugs.

Do whatever you can because sometime the side effects of these best blood pressure medication can bring on other illness.  And if you are already taking a prescription medicine, be aware that adding another drug can certainly create problems because of drugs interaction.

Conditions That Decides The Best High Blood Pressure Medicine

  • Your Age: Not all high blood pressure medications are suitable for every age. Older people often have elevated systolic blood pressure which has been attributed to increased peripheral resistance in their arteries, so they are often given a combination of drugs. While youngster are often suggested to focus more on controlling their weight, exercising and developing healthy eating habits.

  • Family History: Your genetic makeup influences how well your body is able to control your blood pressure. If your parents or grandparents have/had hypertension disorder it increases your chances of developing this condition. Also if you are African-Americans you are most seriously affected, because hypertension is the number one cause of death.

  • Other Diseases: If you are diabetic let your doctor know. For instance, a prescription for a heart patient would be entirely different from that of a person with a kidney disorder.

Characteristic And Features Of The Best Blood Pressure Medication

Keep in mind that your doctor will always prescribe the best blood pressure medication that fits your body's need and the severity of your blood pressure. The drug choices out there are almost limitless.

Discuss with your cardiologist the different characteristics and features of your high blood pressure medicine.  Because some may be beneficial to you while other may be detrimental to you.  It is important to know as much as possible about your medications.

Here are some of the widely recommended and used medications for lowering your blood pressure.

  1. Diuretics also known as water pills have been used as a treatment for hypertension for over fifty years. Diuretics are considered the standard first line of drug therapy to stimulate your kidneys to excrete more salt and fluid. You will be advised to drink plenty of water to help flush your system.

  2. Calcium Channel Blockers slow the movement of calcium into your muscle cells. This reduces the fore of contraction of your heart, relaxes your arteries, and allows your peripheral veins to dilate so that they can hold more blood. Side effects may include constipation, ankle swelling and headaches.

  3. Beta Blockers reduces your heart's pumping intensity, reducing your blood pressure sensors in the walls of your heart and blood vessels, altering the way your blood vessels dilate or constrict and also inhibit the kidney's release of renin. Beta Blockers have the most potential side effects than any other medication for hypertension. These drugs limit your ability to exercise and with long term use weakens your heart muscle.

  4. ACE Inhibitors involves angiotensin-coverting enzyme preventing the productions of angiotensin II, a powerful blood vessel constrictor, from reaching your small arteries and veins so that they are able to dilate, causing your blood pressure to lower suddenly. The most troublesome side-effect of this drug is a persistent dry cough.

High Blood Pressure Medicine Options For Saver Results

ACE inhibitors and Angiotensin receptor blockers are excellent medication options if you are also suffering from diabetes, heart or kidney problems.  These medications help in the protection of your kidney and also with the controlling of your blood pressure levels.

Similarly, calcium channel blockers are used mostly by senior individuals, as their blood vessels are tick and rigid.  It is just a fact of aging.

If you have asthma and are prescribed diuretics or ACE inhibitors, your physician will need to monitor you more carefully.

So the best blood pressure medicine for you is the one that suits your health condition.  In short, the best blood pressure medication is the one that works as desired and produces very little side effects.

Medication Risk Factors Beyond Your Control

Though your medication is prescribed after careful analysis of your health, it is still possible that at times even the best high blood pressure medicine can have side effects.

Sleeping problems, drowsiness, dizziness, headaches and constipation are a few common side effects that are associated with the anti-hypertensive drugs.  So if you experience any of these problems, consult your health physician.  And, remember never to stop taking your medication without your doctor's advice.

You can change your diet, start exercising, and manage your stress, but still there are some risk factors over which you have no control. Some people are just more prone to hypertension than others.  So rely on your doctor to prescribe the best blood pressure medication.

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