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Six Tips On Aging Well With High Blood Pressure

With these six aging well tips getting older may not be so scary because aging gracefully is possible with many age-related health problems, even high blood pressure. Although you cannot stop time, with the right amount of physical activity, nutritional approaches, and other alternative therapies you can stave off many health problems.

Ageless, aging well,

I think aging is a great thing and we're lucky when we get to do it.

Doctors tell you hypertension is irreversible and can only be treated with drugs that must be continued for the rest of your life. These medications are often expensive, comes with major side effects.

They must be taken for the rest of your life, which definitely will not cure anything.

High blood pressure leads to a number of potentially crippling or even lethal conditions from stroke, heart attack to kidney failure.  So as you age with this silent killer, switching to a healthy, life-sustaining diet and lifestyle will return you to a sustainable healthy blood pressure.

I have altered the state of my health by just changing the kinds of foods I eat, from the food's doctors believe causes problems to healthier choices.

Since doing this, my body in its infinite wisdom has revert itself to its natural state of "good health", also known as "homeostasis".

Being an elderly person can be a great thing especially if you include these six tips that helps you to maintain healthy blood pressure levels for the rest of your life.

Share your stories, ask questions or make comments on how your are, or, not aging well. View other's stories.

6 Tips On Aging Well With High Blood Pressure

Physical activity will help you to overcome pain, gain and maintain movement, preserve your independence, sometime avoid the need for surgery or even long-term use of prescription drugs.

  1. You can get stronger at any age. With the right exercise program, you can improve your muscle strength and flexibility as you age. Yoga, Pilates, weight training along with any other type of progressive resistance training, where your muscles are exercised against resistance that gets more difficult as your strength improves will help to prevent frailty.

  2. Senior couple aging well
  3. Build stronger bones. Aging well means you do not have to have osteoporosis or weak bones. Dancing, walking, weightlifting, and any other type of exercises that keeps you on your feet can improve your bone strength or even reduce bones loss.

  4. Exercise for your heart. Heart disease is prevalent so one of the top ways in preventing it and other cardiovascular diseases is to exercise. Exercising, for me that is, makes me feel more alive and sexier. It puts a pep in my steps and I notice my joints are not stiff. Flexibility returns and you have less joint pain. Get back your mojo with any physical activity you enjoy.

  5. Your magnificent brain needs exercising. If you are physically active you are less likely to develop memory problems.

  6. Nutritional Approaches. A healthy diet helps to protect you against hypertension and other cardiovascular problems by providing you with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemical that have such a beneficial effect on your body functions.

  7. Rotate into your life any of these high blood pressure treatments that includes acupressure and acupuncture, or these familiar home remedies that you can purchase at your local market. Other alternative treatments include herbs, supplements and essential oils.

With any of the above activities and natural treatments included often into the well-being of your body, you are well on your way to aging well.

As we age other diseases or debilitating conditions along with arthritis have us experiencing chronic pain.  Know that with the proper exercise program, mobility and pain management techniques you can ease these types of pain, improving the overall quality of your life.

So if your health permits get into a daily exercise program you enjoy or find a physical therapist near you that will help you preserve your independence.  I know some individuals look at aging as a scary thing, but for me who is aging well and in my early sixties its not scary at all.  You too can feel the same when you think of how many people we have lost to so many different things.

Remember to age well you also have to change your mind set, so be joyous continuously and be thankful.

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