Abdominal Obesity
Why Is It Dangerous

Abdominal obesity, unlike the fat that is on our buttocks, hips, thighs; this visceral fat churns out substances that raises the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack and stroke. This inflammatory compounds makes the blood stickier as well as free fatty acids that prompt your liver to produce more blood sugar and LDL cholesterol.

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This intra-abdominal fat is packed deep in and around your internal organs making it dangerous even if you are within a healthy range for your height.

How do you know if you have this dangerous fat is to measure the waists circumstance and if it is over 35 inches if you are a women, and 40 inches for men. To measure your waist correctly wrap a tape measure around your midsection around your belly-button.

It is said exercising make everything better, and it does, including reducing our waistlines.

Also this abdominal fat, I found was very uncomfortable. It causes many health concerns. When I tried to tie my shoe lace or do anything to my feet I found myself breathing hard.  I think just the action of bending down squeezes the organs within that area and constantly doing that cannot be good.

Abdominal obesity crowds the pelvic area, along with the abdominal, and chest cavities. Causing excessive wear and tear on joints - most likely leading to arthritis, blood sugar disorders, high blood pressure and psychological problems associated with the social stigma of obesity.

What Causes Abdominal Obesity

A high calorie diet, lack of exercise and chronic stress are usually part of the problem with your body storing this dangerous fat around your liver, pancreas and other internal organs.

Chronic stress affects women even more and differently.  Our stress hormone cortisol directs our body to store more fat in our abdomen.

For both women and men obesity has two definitions:

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  1. Being more than 20% above your ideal weight.

  2. Having a body fat composition that is greater than 25% for men and greater than 30% for women. Though women normally have a higher body fat percentages due to hormones.

What Is Visceral Fat Also Known As Intra-Abdominal Fat

Visceral fat, found in body type known as apple shaped, pumps free fat acids and inflammatory compounds into the protein vein that delivers blood from your lower abdomen to your liver, pancreas, and other internal organs.

As the arteries are squashed by this internal fat, your heart has to work harder. Leading to an enlarged heart that can't expand fully or fill completely with blood so it becomes less efficient at pumping. Causing high blood pressure, raises your risk of a heart attack, and congestive heart failure.

This influx of free fatty acids has the potential risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Read more about the dangers of visceral fat also known as intra-abdominal fat that is packed in between internal organs and torso.

Why Is It Dangerous?

The inflammatory compounds secreted by fat cells assist in the growth of plaque inside artery walls, boost blood pressure and make blood more likely to clot.

All this makes our cells resistant to insulin. This set-up is highly susceptible for a heart attack and may also contribute to other diseases like Alzheimer's and even cancer.

Prevention Program

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Also I urge you to watch what you eat, make healthy choices in your diet. Exercising often cannot be overstressed and find time to be silent with yourself and release all tension from your mind, body and soul.

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