Printable Blood Pressure

Having a printable blood pressure chart is a great way to track the changes of your blood pressure readings.  Because there are situations when the changes of your readings are not determined by physical effort, emotional upheaval or tiredness.

Therefore one of the most important things you can do for your health is measure your blood pressure and track all your blood pressure readings with a blood pressure chart.

Blood Pressure Chart

DateTimeSystolic Values (mm Hg)Diastolic Values (mm Hg) Category
Below 120Below 80Normal blood pressure
120-139 80-89Prehypertension
140-15990-99Stage 1 hypertension
160 or more100 or more Stage 2 hypertension

Blood Pressure Chart

CategoryNormal Blood PressurePrehypertensionStage 1 hypertensionStage 2 hypertensionDateTime

Values For The Four Categories

Systolic Values (mm Hg)Below 120120-139140-159160 or more
Diastolic Values (mm Hg)Below 80 80-8990-99100 or more

Printable Blood Pressure Chart - Your Values

Systolic Values (mm Hg)
Diastolic Values (mm Hg)
Stress Management

Including stress management into your blood pressure lowering practice is important.  We cannot completely eliminate stress from our life but carving out some time each day to quiet your mind and try to totally relax your body will help tremendously.

You can find such printable blood pressure charts to download from the internet.

Usually these charts are pre-filled with date, time, normal systolic and diastolic variables, which will allow you to simple check in which of the four categories you fall in.

When To Measure Your Blood Pressure
  • Measure your blood pressure after five to ten minutes of rest, while seated.

  • Keep your arm at the level of your heart.

  • Don't, drink anything that will stimulate your blood pressure.

  • Do not smoke for at least fifteen minutes before measuring your blood pressure.

  • If you are over 65 years of age, your blood pressure should be measured both when you are standing and when you are sitting.

Remember your blood pressure readings differ in the evenings, and during the winter months.  Also you may get a measurement of lower value in the mornings during the summer months.

It is recommended that you do your measuring for at least three consecutive days and write down these reading on your printed blood pressure chart. This way it will be easier for you to observe any minor or major changes in your blood pressure levels.

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