Do High Blood Pressure
Medicines Really Work?

High blood pressure medicines provide assistance to those who are struggling to maintain low blood pressure. When your blood pressure is too high, such as 139/89 or higher, the risk of a heart attack, stroke or other complication is great.

Specifically, the strain on the heart at those rates is too high, and that can lead to a sudden heart attack or the development of heart disease, diabetes, heart failure or other conditions. High blood pressure medications are used to help treat the condition.

Even if you would prefer to use all natural treatments for high blood pressure, if your doctor believes you need to use medications that are prescribed, use them.

Often times, doctors will allow you to use natural treatments as well, and when your blood pressure remains stable at lower levels, you can come off your blood pressure medications for alternative sources. However, right now, you likely need medications.

Different Types Of High Blood Pressure Medicines Prescribed

What medications do doctors use to help treat high blood pressure?  There are numerous options including the following:

  • Diuretics: these help to flush the body of extra sodium, which causes the blood vessels to hold too much fluid.

  • Beta blockers: Beta blockers help to reduce the strain on the heart by allowing the heart to beat slower. This allows blood to pass through the blood vessels with less force.

  • Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors, or ACE inhibitors: These medications stop the body form making angiotensin II that causes the blood vessels to narrow.

  • Angiotensin II receptor blockers or ARB's: These work to help the blood vessels to relax.

Using Other Medications

In addition to these medications for high blood pressure, there are other medications that may be used to help you, and some medications can work against these.

For example, aspirin and high blood pressure are often a good match, since an aspirin regimen can often thin the blood to reduce pressure.

However, allergy medications like Claritin D and Benadryl should not be taken with high blood pressure, since these cause a rise in your blood pressure.

Alternative Treatments

Although you should continue to take high blood pressure medicines as your doctor directs, it is often possible to use alternative treatments to help improve your condition, too.

For example, the use of supplements can naturally bring down high blood pressure. Lifestyle changes such as reducing stress and eating a healthier diet can also reduce high blood pressure.

The combination of these treatments works the best at improving your health.

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