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Overcoming High Blood Pressure, Issue #008 - Acupressure Healing
September 02, 2011

Overcoming High Blood Pressure
With Acupressure Healing

Acupressure Healing is Part II of Overcoming High Blood Pressure Three Part series on the uses and locations of your magic buttons of acupressure. At the end of these steps of healing you'll be able to lower your high blood pressure in an emergency. Give yourself quality care using acupuncture pressure points by just doing your own fingertips manipulation.

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Acupressure Healing
Part II

Issue #008 - September 2nd, 2011

acupressure healing is in your hands, and at your fingertips for you to manipulate your acupressure pressure points. So this month's newsletter covers:

  • Your Upper Extremity Points
  • Your Wrist And Fingers
  • Foot Reflexes
  • Tip Of The Month - Healing Technique
  • Testimonials - On Acupuncture Healing

Let's get started on Part II.

Your Upper Extremity Points

You can stimulate or sedate the electronic energy that moves through your nervous system as well as through your meridians.

There are different ways to use your fingertips to tonify your heart, your brain, the organs in your stomach, and the best one is the release of blocked or the overages of energy in certain parts of your body.

These procedures that you'll be doing on your extremities are designed for you to achieve vibrant health.

Your Wrist And Fingers

There are three very important meridians on the outside of your arm and hand. Underneath the side of your arm you have the Lung meridian, Circulatory Sex meridian and also your Heart meridian.

Each meridian plays a vital role in controlling your personal health. So here are where the key diagnostic areas are located:

But before we get started on acupressure healing, rub your hands together briskly until your hands are tingling and warm. You will be massaging the length of the inside of your wrist to the tip of your fingers on each hand.

You will be treating your lung meridian, circulatory-sex meridian and heart meridian.

Place your fingers and squeeze on the inside at the top of your wrist in line with your little finger. Massage from the inside of the top of your wrist, down the length of your finger, squeezing the tip of your nail area. This oxygenates your blood.

Next press and continue on the inside of your wrist in line with your middle finger. Pressing your middle finger lowers your blood pressure almost instantly. Do a reading of your blood pressure before with your home monitor then again after you massage and squeeze this middle finger and you'll see a major drop in you measurements. This procedure is very useful in an emergency.

Then last but no means least, press at the top of your wrist in line with your thumb.

Did any one of these points feel tender to touch? Did one hurt more than the other even with a tender touch? Did they hurt when you pressed deeply? Were any of them without pain or tenderness when you touched them?

Mark the tender area, how you felt that day, write it down, so that whenever you are feeling low all you need to do is massage those areas to correct it.

Foot Reflexes

Note the location of each point that coordinates with your organs.

The bottom of your right and left feet correlates to either sides of your feet with the opposite organs. Like sides of your little toe to your heel is linked to your right and left, hips, spinal nerves and knees.

Just below your toes are acupressure points for your eyes, lungs, ears, and liver. And just at the center of the bottom of your feet are your kidney, small intestine, colon. Then just at the start of your heel is your sex organs and glands.

The inside of your feet correlates to your bladder and lumbars and the low back.

To diagnosis you only have to apply fingertip pressure to determine the state of your health.

Test each reflex points one by one.

To activate your Sexual Glands, Bladder and Kidney meridians in your ankle and foot just grasp firmly and pinch the Achilles tendon. If you feel pain then that means this point is inadequate to one or all of these organs. Lots of women have extreme tenderness at these points and have no idea that it is related to these areas.

Let's apply acupressure healing to these organs by cupping your heel with your palm and dig your fingers in. By putting pressure on this point you activate your sex organs.

I do a ritual of deeply massaging both my feet, slapping the bottoms of my feet for general stimulation, that way I am activating all my organs.

Tips Of The Month - Protective Measures

Protective Measures for this month on acupressure healing is to always pinch your little finger to stimulate your heart.

Pinch both sides of your little finger fingernail. If it is tender it tends to indicate possible cardiac overwork or distress.

In an emergency this pressure point may be used to alleviate a heart attack, so squeeze and twirl both little fingers.

Remember to make a note, write it down, of the problem point, the date, how it looked and feel, so that this becomes your own personal record of your health improvement.

And always, always check with your doctor.

More on using acupressure as part of your quest to help lower your high blood pressure naturally in next month's issue.

Testimonials - On Acupuncture Healing

I love hearing from my readers and today I want to shine the light on one reader's testimony on the healing touch of acupressure and also her follow-up treatment, by just using her fingertips.

If you also would like to share your story please do and thank you.


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