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Signs and Symptoms of High Blood Pressure - Overcoming High Blood Pressure, Issue #020
October 01, 2012

Signs And Symptoms
Of High Blood Pressure

Issue #020 - October 1, 2012


It is so important to know the top high blood pressure signs and symptoms of this disease known as the silent killer; that can significantly affect the organs of your body and your health.

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Signs And Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure

It is recommend that you be aware and check for the top high blood pressure signs and symptoms if you fit into any of these:

  • Alcoholics

  • Having a family history of high blood pressure

  • On medication that has hypertension as its side effects

  • Heart and kidney disease

  • Overweight

Since high blood pressure signs and symptoms are not always visible this silent killer can cause long term damages such as kidney failure, heart attack, stroke, vision loss or blindness and many other organ damages.

Below are some of the top HBP signs and symptoms you should look for before it becomes severe:

  1. Severe and chronic headaches - If you are experiencing severe continuous headaches for some time it's better to visit your physician and have your blood pressure checked.

  2. Blood spot in your eye - Many people who are blood pressure suffers have blood spot in their eye. But if you have a persistent headache and/or a blood spot in your eye this may be a sign that you have experiencing elevated blood pressure for some time. This happens due to increased blood pressure as your tiny arteries burst or bleed and as a result create a spot in your eye.

  3. Dizziness - This condition is not essentially caused by high blood pressure but could be a sign. If you lose balance or experience dizziness after a workout or heavy physical exercise, it is recommended to consult your physician for a high blood pressure diagnosis.

  4. Nosebleeds - Nose bleeding is one of the very common high blood pressure signs and symptoms. Blood vessels in your nose are very vulnerable to bleeding and can be the cause for a number of different reasons. But if you experience chronic nosebleeds it is advisable to see your physician as this can be a symptom showing high blood pressure or hypertension.

  5. Severe Anxiety - Anxiety, also know as a feeling of deep stress, panic and restlessness, can lead to hypertension. So, if you are having severe anxiety have tried ways to deal with it and could not succeed it is essential to get your physician's advice on how to control severe anxiety.

Although signs and symptoms of high blood pressure are not considered to be accurate for sure still it is necessary to be aware of these symptoms. You should monitor your blood pressure levels, and if you are able to get control of your levels in the early stages, high blood pressure will go away just with the proper diet and lifestyle changes.

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HBP Tips - Corner - Start Breathing Today

Deep breathing exercises are the easiest way to relieve stress and high blood pressure. Here are some useful ways on how to do some deep breathing:

Sit or lay back on an easy chair or couch, inhale and exhale ten to fifteen times from your nose keeping your mouth closed but relaxed.

Inhale through your nose and count to three, now exhale through your mouth. Wait for three seconds and repeat for ten to fifteen times.

You can do this exercise two or three times a day. Also you can try these exercises when you experience any form of stress.

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Heart Healthy Recipe

High Blood Pressure Drink Of The Month

It is a great time to treat yourself with a refreshing drink that is delicious, very easy to make and helps to lower your blood pressure levels.

1 cup soy milk
1 cup fresh cranberries and blueberries
1 cup orange juice
1 teaspoon honey
Pinch of mint leaves


Blend cranberries, blueberries, orange juice and mint leaves. Then add honey and soy milk and blend again. Add ice and to pump it up some more you can add chunks of fruits of your choice.

This drink is nutritious and very quick to make. Delicious!!!

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Regular screening is the best way to prevent the onset or complications of high blood pressure, so make sure to have your blood pressure checked at least yearly, if not more often.

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