Foods Need To Be Organic, Most Of The Times!

My friends, not all foods need to be organic. I distinctly remember years ago when a friend of mine was trying to convince me to eat more organic. Resistance by me was much in evidence. All that talk was relatively new, and I thought, and I’m sure lots of you thought this way at the time, the organic talk was all about how the food industry could increase pricing.

Now it’s a proven fact that how your fruits, vegetables and other produces are grown can impact your overall health.

Our Toxic Load (Body Burden)

Over time, small daily doses of multiple contaminants have cumulative detrimental effects on our body that can eventually impair and cause disease.

Organic Garden harvest.

For a minute I would like you to think of our bodies as a bucket. This bucket gets filled with things like toxins and contaminants. Then our liver and body try to keep up with what is being put into this bucket each day.

If and when our total toxic load (body burden) becomes too much, our body is not able to keep up. Then our bucket overflows and the toxins spill out of our bucket and overwhelms the body.

So how then do we help our bodies remove these toxins safely? There are ways to do a healthy body reset that have you eating flavorful healing whole foods that satisfies cravings, have you easily losing weight, lower the risk of chronic diseases and in some cases reverse and even cure them.

As far as I’m concerned there’s no such thing as incurable when preventable diseases develop.

But as I've stated before not all foods need to be organic to work their nutritional and detoxifying magic on your overall wellbeing.

My Gift - Not All Foods Need To Be Organic eBook

I have made the change to more organic after learning some of the ways produce is grown without overloading my budget. Taste is one of the major factors in my choice. Once you get to know what foods need to be organic and what are not necessary, you then can be strategic in buying what you need.

Part of being strategic is shopping at your local farmer’s market where you’ll find fresh-picked organic foods, plus it is often times less expensive. And the best part to me is you’re supporting your local farmers and your money circle back within your community.

Within my gift to you “Not all foods need to be organic’, that you can download today and join my OvercomingHBP newsletter, you’ll get clear on foods need to be organic, how to eat out and so much more.

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