Introductory To Meditation 

Introductory to meditation is 21 days of audio videos to help in managing diseases and to increase awareness.  Hello, I am Donna Williams, welcome to You can become the vibrant person you were born to be. 


Every mental thought you focus your attention on will be transformed into an objective fact. Learning how to relax physically is necessary to become aware of where we are holding tension so that we can let it go.

Be transformed by the renewal of your mind. You renew your life by renewing your mind. You renew your mind when you change your habit of thinking.

Silence can be scary, and we often feel a need to 'fill the space' with conversation, music, or noise, but silence can be healthy for your mind, and can promote mindfulness and relaxation. You might find that you enjoy the time alone with your thoughts.

Developing unconditional trust in healing fulfills the healing power of meditation.

If you want to practice meditation as a way of enhancing your mental and physical health, that's great.  But, if your aim is to know the true nature of reality, meditation can show you this, if you practice with discipline and commitment.

The power we hold to prevent disease, to live a long and healthy life is within our grasp and is possible.  It takes staying disease free to make all this likely.

Where you are now in your health and where you want to be is part of this guided meditation course.

So, are you seeking a path to vibrant health,

that enables reversal of chronic conditions

and increased self-awareness?

Awakening Your Awareness

You are probably unfamiliar with the level of awareness that’s available to you and that you can access it at will. This awareness guarantees the fulfillment of your desires.


Are you interested in acquiring this universal soul, which is infinite? Would you like to remove your stress, an illness, lowering your blood pressure levels, while cultivating compassion and wisdom?


Know that meditation is a divine gift that simplifies and will energize your life. For you to overcome high blood pressure, follow your profound calling back to Spirit, to finding your inner self.  

Mindful Thinking Practices

  • The body responds readily to the thoughts that are impressed upon it. Habitual thoughts, good or bad, will produce their own effect.
  • Having a joyful heart along with pure, beautiful thoughts brings beauty, grace, health, vigor, and youthfulness to the body.
  • A change of diet alone will not help a human body that will not change their thoughts.
  • Gain a disease free body and serenity with the admittance into the mind, thoughts of joy and good will.

So take charge of your health with a plan on how you can accomplish this disease free life. This can only be attained by effort and practice. 

  • By mentally marking out a pathway to its achievement by excluding all doubts and fears.
  • Patiently, develop and train your thoughts, making them strong in the right thinking.
  • Calming the mind is the result of long and patient effort in the practice of meditation.

 "That which is used develops.  That which is not used wastes away."  - Hippocrates


My 21 Days Guided Introductory To Meditation Series to lower blood pressure, starts your journey in creating a disease free life.  Live in harmony, become healthy, happy and prosperous.

Instructional E-book and Digital Daily Recordings

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Introductory To Meditation - 21 Days Of Guided Meditation Practices

Meditation Health Facts.
  • Introductory To Meditation Instructional Ebook "Essence Of Meditation", with inspirational quotes and reference materials. For your continued enlightenment, and to continue at your own pace practicing these steps everyday of your life.

  • 21 Daily Meditation Video Practices.

Begin a whole new way to life disease free, and lower blood pressure. I have this vision of the entire world being relaxed while calmly and confidently creating their family and a work life of their dreams.

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