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Meditation - Overcoming High Blood Pressure, Issue #33
February 15, 2014

Meditation For Your Heart

Issue #33

February 15, 2014


Meditation has nothing to do with religion, but it can save your life. See what it can do for you and your high blood pressure.

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Meditation For Your Heart

Meditation is a science that started over five thousand years ago and is used by many cultures to find inner peace, and reduce stress the hallmark of high blood pressure. Also if you are searching for deep conscious relaxation that will free you from negative thoughts and behavior then these breathing exercises are for you.

It is such a great healing tool. You will be able to tap into your spirituality where you'll learn that you have the power within to heal your body and change your life.

Read more on using these healing meditations for your health.

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HBP Tips - Corner

Close your eyes and focus completely on your breathing with the intent to calm yourself. The more you focus on your breathing the calmer you'll become.

Remember you are training your mind to be still and it will be hard at first but your mind is powerful. But with time you will be able to stay in this state of meditation for longer periods of time.

Good luck.

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Your HBP Guidebook

I was diagnosed with HBP in 1996, it was 160/100. I thought I would have to be on medications for the rest of my life and probably develop diabetes - a natural progression, and since my family also has a history of high blood pressure. But, with my discoveries I found that this does not have to be so.

Since then to now, and after being on all different types of high blood pressure medications with many side effects, I have incorporated every detail of this book into my life with success of reducing my high blood pressure.

In "Your High Blood Pressure Definitive Guidebook Towards Optimun Health" I reveal specific ways I reduced my high blood pressure from 160/100 to between 117/79 and 121/82, naturally. I wrote this guidebook because I want to share with you my discoveries on the many ways I was able to reduce my high blood pressure.

Now you too can do the same by incorporating these changes into your life.

So start your journey to control your high blood pressure levels. Here's to your good health and purchase your copy today.

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And thank you.

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Heart Healthy Recipe

Quick Start Diet For High Blood Pressure recommended by Dr. Julian Whitaker from the Whitaker Wellness Institute.

This will be an ongoing effort of mine where I will be providing you with links to lower your high blood pressure with the foods you eat. In time I'll have tons of recipes, some will be weekly menus for you to choose from.

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