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Walk And Lower HBP - Overcoming High Blood Pressure, Issue #46
August 01, 2015

Walk And Lower HBP

August 1, 2015

It is possible to just walk and lower HBP, within days. Follow these day to day activities to a healthier you with the chart shown below.

To help you keep to this walking schedule create a walking group or buddy and head outdoors. Being outdoors distract you on how far you walked because there are so many beautiful plants and activities going on all around you.

Our topics for newsletter Issue #46 are:

Walk And Lower HBP

There is a road that I drive on quite often, that leads to a beautiful park, that I did not realize was a little hill until I had to walk it. I had to dig deep into my breathing cavity to go up and it was fun to practically speed walk back down. The end was in sight.

You don't have to train for a 10K or lift barbells to feel healthier inside and out. Let me show you and tell you of mine and my nephew's transformation by just walking on a daily basis.

I must give all the credit for the discipline to my nephew, Duwayne, because at times he had to drag me out when I did not feel like walking. And most of this plan I got from my subscription to the Family Circle magazine.

Walking Exercise Plan

Exercising in whatever activity that you love is a must to increasing your longevity. Every studies confirms how important daily activities are to your body.

Walking build endurance and will improve your cardio fitness. Adding high-intensity interval training and bodyweight and sculpting moves will stoke your fat burning, while sculpting lean muscles.

Keep these facts in mind:

  • When you are walking remember to keep your shoulders, back and chest open wide to maintain good poster and always engage your core with each step.

  • Aim for 10,000 steps a day and use an activity tracking device, like this Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band. It also has a heart rate monitor.

  • Carry no more than 1 pound weights or wear a weighted vest to increase your burn.

  • Walk up inclines or hills to help you burn extra calories.

  • Do as many high intensity intervals as often as you can. Research says this form of training melts fat faster.

  • The intensity and the duration of your walking should be increased weekly.

Sculpting Walking

Do the following moves for approximately 1 minute each after you have warmed up your body:

  • When you walk pump your arms forward and backward at a 90 degree angle to power up your pace and increase your heart rate.

  • Sidestepping Squats - do 30 seconds in your first position then move over to the opposite direction for another 30 seconds.

  • High Knee Marches with arm cirles and then reverse lunges with biceps curls. Then walk at a steady pace for 5 minutes.

Then repeat all three round of moves along with 5 minutes of walking. You will feel it but those beautiful and great feeling endorphins kicks in and you feel great even though you might feel a little sore.

Our Transformation From Walking

Duwayne dropped over 100 pounds in his weight and I dropped 20 pounds. Of course it is always easier for men to lose weight than women and he is much younger than me.

Both our blood pressure has dropped and somehow we look younger. It shows how being overweight sometimes add years to your features. We are still on this journey but are very happy with our accomplishments, with our movements quicker and feeling overall so much better within our bodies.

I have created two downloadable charts for you to track your exercise program and at the same time input your blood pressure measurements. That way you can see the results of this exercise plan. So please download your copy of these Fitness Chart and BP Fitness Chart and get started on your own journey.

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HBP Tips - Corner

Why exercising to lower your high blood pressure works is because the more movement you incorporate into your day boost your own longevity.

Before starting your walk and lower HBP exercise plan, warm up by marching in place and after completing your walk cool down with stretches.

Aim for at least 3 hours of moderate exercising per week. Doing that little alone will add 3.5 years to your life.

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Heart Healthy Recipe

Include some of these key components of the dash diet into your lifestyle and you are off to a healthier you.

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Including a walk and lower HBP,, into your daily lifestyle is to your benefit. You'll lower your blood pressure, cholesterol and body fat, giving you a chance at a better quality of life and longevity and most likely cutting your chances of developing life-threatening illnesses like cardiovascular diseases.

Again thanks for reading this newsletter, please share it with your friends. But do encourage them to get their own copy and join Overcoming High Blood Pressure newsletter group. They will be able to download and receive their own ebook copy of how to use acupressure to lower their blood pressure.

If you would like to write about a topic that is close to your heart that will benefit us all on staying healthy please share and thank you.

Also, remember to contact me with any topic you would like me to research and present for my newsletter, by using my Contact Me page.

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