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Season Greetings - Overcoming High Blood Pressure, Issue #32
December 24, 2013

Season Greetings

Issue #32

December 24, 2013


Season greetings, hopefully it is filled with tasty foods that will not trip up your weight-loss goals or spike your blood pressure levels.

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The holiday season is for eating and being with family and friends. So to help you get through the holiday without gaining any weight, here are some helpful tips.

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Be Realistic

Have fun and do not stress about your weight, just try to maintain your current weight. You can start anew next year.

  • Eat your favorite foods, but in small portions.

  • Easy on the high-calorie drinks.

  • Be choosy at the buffet table.

  • Make time for some exercise - it will help you lower your stress levels and burn some calories.


Celebrate this Christmas season with festive and healthy food items.

Again Season Greetings. Do take time to reflect and to vision of what is to come for yourself as we head into the New Year, a powerful 2014.

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