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Overcoming High Blood Pressure, Issue #007 - Magic Buttons Of Acupressure
August 05, 2011

Overcoming High Blood Pressure

Overcoming High Blood Pressure will be doing a Three Part series on the uses and locations of your magic buttons of acupressure. At the end of these steps of healing you'll be able to lower your high blood pressure in an emergency. Give yourself quality care using acupuncture pressure points by just doing your own fingertips manipulation.

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Overcoming High Blood Pressure
Your Magic Buttons Of Acupressure
Part 1

Issue #007 - August 5th, 2011

This month's newsletter reviews:

What Is Acupressure Points
Fingertip Pressure Techniques
How To Start Your Morning
Tips Of The Month - Healing Technique

Let's begin Part 1.

What Is Acupressure Points

There are pressure points all over your body that relates to your specific organs and body parts.

With the use of pressing your finger on these "magic buttons of acupressure" using a health-stimulating circular motion of your thumb, and by putting steady pressure on certain central areas of your body you will be able to relieve yourself of pain, lower your blood pressure, rejuvenate your body, handle ailments of certain parts if your body, and also have a more dynamic sex life.

Once you learn how to located these "ouch areas" and apply acupressure, these painful points within your body will disappear under your fingertip manipulation as your system improves in health.

Fingertip Pressure Techniques

Pressure should neither be harsh nor hard and must not bruise. When applying these pressure it should be about the same as you would apply to your eyeball without discomfort.

You will use a rotary motion of the thumb or third finger, applying pressure until the pain diminishes or disappears.

Acupressure for high blood pressure shows you in detail the chart on the different points on your body for you to apply pressure and treat.

If you fail to find the right pressure point properly or magic button you will not get results. Merely locate the areas of pain and give yourself daily treatments.

Remember not to over-treat yourself. On the first day treat only one zone "A" of your body, then the second day zone "B" the third day "C".

Starting with the fourth day, you can treat all the zones on the same day.

And remember acupressure time on each point should never exceed seven seconds. It must be just long enough to stimulate the autonomic nervous system to do the job.

Enjoy the miracle of living without pain, staying younger, living longer by using your magic buttons of acupressure.

How To Start Your Morning

The morning check-up on all points can be accomplished in less than five minutes, it is the perfect health workout each morning.

Your face is worth millions because all you have to do is press the right magic buttons on your face to determine your current state of health.

Just below your eye is the Stomach Magic Button. You can find it by gently running your fingertip along the bony rim below your eye. At one point you will feel a tiny dip and a pinpoint of tenderness.

If you experience actual pain when you apply pressure your stomach is in bad condition. It is telling you not to drink stimulants like coffee, tea, alcohol, and eliminate all instant citrus drinks.

Your next destination is to locate your Small Intestine Point by sliding your fingers along your face along the upper cheek bone toward your ear. This point allows you to check the condition of your lesser bowel. If this point is tender avoid breakfast.

Your Large Intestine is located just beside the wing of your nose.

Gall Bladder Meridian begins just outside the corner of your eye. If this point is tender to touch your gall bladder is kicking up.

Bladder Point starts at the inner corner of your eye and also at the inner end of your eyebrow. This area gives you the condition of your urinary bladder.

To know how alert your brain will be for the day, locate your Brain Nerve Governor Point which is under your nose, near your lip, also another point just above it and another near the bridge of your nose. Hurts expressed at any of these points gives you an idea as to how alert you are going to be for the day.

Another very important point is your Conception Vessel Point which ends halfway between your lower lip and the point of your chin. This point goes right down through the center of your body.

Tips Of The Month - Protective Measures

The first step in treating facial acupressure points is to rub your hands together briskly before touching your face. It makes your hands more sensitive to feel and palpate.

Rub the palms of your hands briskly up and down the side of your face with like a scrubbing motion and that technique reaches all your facial pressure points quickly.

You are stimulating the magic acupressure points of the Small Intestine, Stomach, Large Intestine and Gall Bladder.

Next for a more specific method use your third finger fingertips and make tiny rotating motions at the inside corners of the eyes. Repeat at the outside corners of your eyes then go below your eyes, then move to the bridge of your nose and squeeze then pull. The go below to the side of your nose. Vigorously make circular motions with your fingers.

You just prepared yourself for a wonderful day with no cost involved, maximum results and with minimum effort.

At your fingertips you can tune up your system getting the electronic energy moving through your nervous system.

More morning tune up in the next month's issue.


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