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Overcoming High Blood Pressure, Issue #004 - Sleeping Habits
May 06, 2011

Overcoming High Blood Pressure

Overcoming High Blood Pressure brings you the latest addition in the importance of you having good sleeping habits, the benefits of juicing, massages, and weight control.

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Overcoming High Blood Pressure - Sleeping Habits

Issue #004 - May 6th, 2011

This month's newsletter reviews:

Sleeping Habits and High Blood Pressure
Two Amazing Juices To Kill This Silent Killer
High Blood Pressure Massage
Tip Of The Month - Weight Control Tips For HBP Individuals

Let's dig in.

Sleeping Habits And High Blood Pressure

Lack of a sound night's sleep can surely be a big reason that you have high blood pressure. If you are a HBP sufferer it is important for you to get a good seven to eight hours of sleep.

Research shows that if you work for more than forty hours per week and experience disturbed sleeping your blood pressure will be significantly elevated.

How It Relates

If you have bad sleeping habits, this can result in the production of stress hormone and unstable stomach and body health. These conditions will eventually affect your body's function and particularly your secretion level of stress.

How To Get Better Sleep

  • About a hour before you go to bed, avoid all stimulant and stop working, watching TV or using the internet.
  • Enjoy a warm shower.
  • Keep your bedroom quite dark and cozy. Don't use eye popping colors for room decor, rather use, cool blue, white and light brown shades.
  • Make sure your bed and pillows are comfortable for sleeping.
  • Drink a warm glass of milk with honey, or almond milk shake half an hour before going to bed.
  • Always wake up and go to bed at fixed times.

Two Amazing Juices To Kill This Silent Killer

A number of new researches have stated that celery and beetroots juices to be amazing cures for treating high blood pressure.

  • Celery Juice - Take fresh green celery stalks and soak them in warm water for a few minutes. Then cut them into pieces and juice in your juicer, drink and enjoy. You can also add and blend segments of an orange or carrots to create an even more delicious taste.
  • Beetroot Juice - Cut beetroot into 1 or 2 inch pieces and run them through your juicer. Drinking a cup of beet juice in the mornings will benefit you with overcoming high blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure Massage

Having a massage is another effective therapeutic method in having good night's sleep and reducing your high blood pressure.

Some massages may increase your blood pressure levels, so here is the correct way to massage for lowering your blood pressure.

  • Have your special friend massage your body using rosemary or any other herbal or essential oils. You can even try mixing two or more oils if you like.
  • Or do it yourself and gently message with your fingertips your neck, behind your ears, forehead and ankles for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Now with your fingertips, put slight pressure behind your ears, back of the neck and forehead. Do this for five more minutes.
  • Follow these steps once or twice daily and you'll see notable changes in your stress and high blood pressure. This is also an amazing way to help you to sleep comfortably at night.

Tip Of the Month - Weight Control Tips For HBP Individuals

Obesity is one of biggest reasons for your high blood pressure. Your doctor might also have recommended that you reduce your weight. However, as an HBP sufferer you cannot follow a strict diet plan as some diets do not suit with your blood pressure condition.

Also many people with heartburn problems are often complaining that they cannot starve or take honey or lemon because of their stomach disorder.

Don't panic! There is still so much you can do that will really help you with your high blood pressure and weight loss and turn out to be way better for you than most diet plans:

Set goals and make a plan - Set yourself goals for the next three or four months on how much weight you want to lose and then start planning everything you will be doing in a notebook or on your computer. Always set realistic goals and do it in stages so that you can monitor your progress which in turn will help you get more and more motivated.

Take control of what you eat - As a blood pressure elevation individual you should know what you should eat. Make a list of all the foods you like and at the same time that are good for HBP as well.

Join a local or online community - Look around your neighborhood or among your friends for a community of people working on their obesity problem. Yo will be able to find such groups easily online. Join one and share your ideas, get and take inspiration which will really help you stay positive and focused.

Can't exercise? - Think about or research on ideas that will keep you moving physically. Joining a yoga or aerobics, dance classes, walks for good causes are some ideas to get you started.

Brainstorm interesting recipes - From your list of food stuff, pick a couple of items every day and try making something healthy and delicious out of it. Make sure the food is colorful and is healthy for your high blood pressure and weight control.

Eat slowly, and eat several times - Always eat in small bites, drinks lots of water before eating and eat frequently several times a day.


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