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Good Moments Journal

Taking time to write in your journal can be so beneficial to the mind, body and soul.

Journaling….Starting and ending each day with intention can be easier than one may think. It helps to start the day on a high note, rather than immediately reaching for your phone to start scrolling, and it ends the day with a moment of gratitude for all that happened.

Hi I’m Donna Williams, Certified Holistic Health Coach. Creator of, where I teach and guide women of color how to lower their high blood pressure naturally without giving up their favorite foods.

So how do we implement these good moments to journal or opportunities to improve our lives?

There are a couple of options, and of course, you can also create something unique that works for you.

Good Moments To Journal

First, grab a journal and dedicate it to an AM and PM intention and gratitude routine. I have three different types of journaling that I do.

Good moments to journal.
  1. There’s one small one I take with me when I’m travelling.

  2. Then the other one has gratitude and inspirational verses along with questions to answer that jogs the mind.

  3. And the last one is just a plain book with pages for me to write free-hand.

I love and use all three journals according to my mood, or whichever one I’m drawn to at the time of my journaling.

To get you started you could:

  • Each morning, journal for five minutes about your intentions for the day.

  • Each evening, journal for five minutes about what you're thankful for that happened that day.

Happy Moments Jar

If you're more spur of the moment, try cutting up small pieces of paper and tossing happy moments into a jar as you experience them.

I love the tangible aspect of a happy moments jar because it's so easy to go back and be reminded of all of the good you've experienced. Whether it's big ("I got the job!") or small ("my jog really great today."), it all matters because this is what makes up our life as a whole.

This is an easy way to focus on the positive more throughout our days, weeks, months, and years. We want to look back and see a life that we are grateful for, and this is a small way of doing that.

Lets talk soon and do send me a note at I'd love to hear from you.

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