Easy To Use ReliOn Blood Pressure Monitor

Walmart's ReliOn blood pressure monitor is basically the same as reliable Omron monitor, but just made exclusively for Walmart and branded ReliOn. These blood pressure monitors costs less than Omron, but is essentially the same thing.

ReliOn brand of blood pressure monitors are automatic, cost effective, efficient and a very handy device to have around your home for monitoring your blood pressure levels.

As stated before they are easy to use and records blood pressure with a press of a button and can be used whenever, and wherever needed.


Relion BP 200W Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with an attached tube and arm cuff. The cuff included with the basic versions of blood pressure monitors are standard sized and can fit an adult's arm of 9 to 13 inches in circumference.

If needed a separate large cuff can be bought for larger arm sizes.

The monitor operates on four AA batteries and can also be run on an AC adapter which is included.  Although it does not drain too much power and the batteries last long, it is still a nice and economical option to run it on AC power through a wall outlet when indoors.

ReliOn monitors have large displays enabling you to read the readings without any trouble.

How ReliOn Works

ReliOn monitor has a large blue ON/OFF button for easy operation. The cuff has directions written on it to help you put it on. After you put the cuff on your left arm and secure it with Velcro all you need to do to take your blood pressure reading is push the START button.

This inflates the cuff and after a few seconds your blood pressure gets displayed on the screen with the systolic reading on top and the diastolic below.

The cuff deflates after the reading is displayed.

A handy feature of this blood pressure monitor is that it displays your pulse rate along side the above readings in scale of beats per minute.

Accuracy Scale Of ReliOn Blood Pressure Monitor

Many wrist and arm blood pressure monitors fail to deliver accurate results, but ReliOn BP Monitors does not.

Studies have proven the accuracy of this monitor and ReliOn itself guarantees the results. The only precaution is not to repeat a test before five minutes have lapsed after the previous test as that may result in an inaccurate reading.

ReliOn Easy Wrap

  • Automatic blood pressure monitor featuring virtually silent operation.

  • Makes use of the patented Easy Wrap Cuff, an universal cuff that fits arm sized from 9 to 17 inches in circumference, eliminating the use of extra large cuff.

ReliOn Wrist Monitor

Compact and portable making it easy to use anywhere. Guarantees accurate results which most other wrist blood pressure monitors lack and very cost effective.

ReliOn Large Cuffs

OMRON H003D Large Adult Accessory Cuff users can order accessories and parts at an extra cost. These are for arm sizes from 13 to 17 inches in circumference.

The use and specs of all monitors are generally the same with difference in cuff size and whether it is to be worn on the wrist or the upper arm.


ReliOn Blood Pressure Monitor comes with an amazing five years warranty during which the company will repair or replace any monitor which becomes defective with normal use.

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