Heart Healthy Blood Pressure Support Can Be Found In Alistrol

How can you build a heart healthy blood pressure support?  It is by including Alistrol into your daily supplement. This clinically tested and proven all natural concentrated herbal extracts strengthens the heart muscle that in turn builds it and gives you longevity.

Alistrol - Blood Pressure Support

High blood pressure, a silent killer, is nothing to fool around with, it is a risk factor for heart disease and the number one risk factor for a stroke.  So keeping your blood pressure within a healthy range is very important to your health.

This safe and natural solution can assist you in reversing high blood pressure and also treat the underlying issues of what causes high blood pressure.

So think of Alistrol as an added complementary high blood pressure treatment that will help you to maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

What Is This Heart Healthy Supplement Alistrol?

Alistrol is a unique blend of four natural, plant-based ingredients that all support healthy heart function, improve vascular circulation, and keeps arteries healthy.  But what I love also is its anti-aging benefits and the maintenance of a healthy skin.

So what are the ingredients of this cutting-edge, and clinically tested supplement that is known to maintain healthy blood pressure levels with no known side effects.

Alistrol - Heart Healthy High Blood Pressure Support Proprietary Blend

The researchers at CLE Holistic Health stated results were seen just 4 - 6 weeks of regular use of this heart health support supplement. The supplement is blend of the following:

  • Garlic Seed Extract is a very effective antioxidant, a very flavorful seasoning for many delicious meals, a complementary treatment for many heart and circulatory system ailments including high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and cholesterol.

  • Holy Leaf Extract is known for reducing edema. It is a perennial shrub with hearty green leaves that blooms from early spring through to fall.  Some individuals retain water in their ankles and this herb helps with reducing the swelling.

  • Daikon Seed Extract another effective treatment for edema.  It is believed to strengthen the body's immune system and kidneys, lower cholesterol levels and improve blood circulation. All these improvement to the body's function is essential in having healthy blood pressure support.

  • Hawthorn Fruit Extract, a favorite of mine in the treatment of high blood pressure.  With this herb you see a difference in your blood pressure levels after just two weeks of drinking this tea.  It is an excellent source of polyphenols.  European medical studies have found that this extract, which is an important antioxidant, reduces inflammation, blood cholesterol and triglyceride.

Alistrol - Blood Pressure Support

Achieve Normal Heart Rate And Blood Pressure

From the growing and harvesting, to the manufacturing and bottling, of Alistrol, is carefully regulated and rigorously held to strict standards that makes every extract and every dose safe, identical and effective for you.

Clinical study has shown that this supplement has lowered systolic blood pressure by 11.5 points and diastolic blood pressure by 10.1 points in four weeks of use.

Download the full study on the effectiveness of Alistrol, and how safe it is to use in conjunction with your doctor's prescribed medication.

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Alistrol - Blood Pressure Support