Why SBI's 6 Pillar Program
Equals Affiliate Success

The 6 Pillar Program offered by SiteSell.com is one of the
best affiliate programs available. Find out what
makes it so unique and important...

This Online Business Building System has been called many things, all good, including the best affiliate program on the Internet today. However, this program may or may not be for you. It provides individuals with some of the best resources for website building, and it offers lucrative commissions, though it can be one of the harder types of affiliate programs to run part time.

Get a Quick Start with the
"World's Best Affiliate Program!"

If you're wondering about what all this program offers you, keep in mind the following specific benefits. It's all about these six pillars:

Sitesell 6 Pillar Program Affiliate Commission

  1. Each time a Site Build It yearly subscription is sold, you earn $75.

  2. Earn commissions from 2 tiers of income through sales made by your own team of affiliates.

  3. Earn up to $250 for each SBI based SiteSell Service page that is sold.

  4. Earn 25% (approx $37.50 USD) for each new bizXpress subscription.

  5. Each year, an annual bonus commission is sent based on each SBI renewal.

  6. Finally, affiliates are also able to earn commissions from two tiers of income sales by those that they sign up as their own team affiliates.

As you can see, this type of commission purchase can be very lucrative to virtually anyone who is considering an affiliate program.

However, as with anything, it's important to consider the actual earning power that this type of affiliate program can offer. It's also helpful to get reviews of the program through others who are using it.

Is It Lucrative?

The question people want answered is about how much money they can actually make. There are several positives at work here.

For example, the company states that most SBI owners will purchase more than one SBI website. Some of them will purchase several, even as many as ten or more.

This means it can be quite beneficial to your bottom line, especially since the customer is the affiliate's for life. This multiple sales strategy really adds up, especially when you factor in renewals.


Of course, to make any affiliate program worthwhile, it's also important to focus on the tools that are provided to help to provide you with the resources and tools you'll need.

For example, there's a video tour provided, an orientation guide and a quick start guide, as well as a six pillar marketing guide for new users. These are packed with strategies to ensure that the 6 Pillar Program is a success for everyone who joins.


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